Aidan Bryant Won 'AGT: All Stars' 2023 in Shocking Finale and Avery Dixon Fans Are Devastated

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The votes are in and America’s Got Talent: All Stars winner is Aidan Bryant.

During Monday night’s two-hour finale, the top 11 finalists performed one last time on the world’s biggest stage. After a string of impressive acts and memorable guest performances, AGT: All Stars superfans helped narrow the intense competition down to the top five finalists.

In the end, Aidan was named the winner of AGT: All Stars 2023. The nerve-racking announcement was made when the air traffic controller won more votes than Avery Dixon, Light balance for children, Ana-Maria Margean and Aidan McCann.

The inaugural season of AGT: All Stars opened with 60 acts from all over the world. But the 18-year-old immediately stood up to the judges Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum, Howie Mandel – again.

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As viewers may recall, he originally competed in AUGUST season 16 already in the summer of 2021 and he finished in second place behind the magician Dustin Tavella. This time, Aidan made an epic comeback with gravity-defying stunts, amazing contortions and captivating acrobatics.

‘AGT: All Stars’

The first season of the new NBC spinoff show concluded with special musical performances by Adam Lambert, Baby’s face and Weezer. Plus, AUGUST alums Terry Fator and Food Franco returned to the show to help up-and-coming talent. At the time host Terry Crews announced that Aidan was the winner of AGT: All Starspeople were already on their toes and many wasted no time taking to social media with their thoughts.

“YES!!! Congratulations, @AidanBryantAGT!!! Much deserved!!” one person wrote on Twitter. “And let me just say the ‘superfans’ got it right! The winner was my pick from the start and should have won his season! #Rättfärdigande,” another added. “AIDAN BRYANT CONGRATULATIONS CHAMPION 🏆,” another fan said.

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Avery Dixon performs “September” by Earth, Wind & Fire | AGT: All-Stars 2023


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But understandably there were others AGT: All Stars fans who expressed disappointment that Avery was not crowned the winner. “Avery Dixon should have won! I’m so mad! I hope he gets a record deal!” one follower tweeted. “This has to be some kind of joke? Who are these superfans? Do they even exist? I’m happy for the kid but come on, someone else commented. “Avery Dixon you were and are the best. Only good things your way!!!” another called in.

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Opinions aside, for a long time AUGUST viewers may notice a distinct detail about the winner’s prize. According to Simon, Aidan didn’t earn money or a show in Las Vegas. “There’s nothing to win on this show except the title,” Simon said Entertainment tonight.

So, what’s next for the air traffic controller? We are sure of important things but in the meantime we will keep an eye out for news on Aidan’s Instagram.

Updated: February 28, 2023 — 7:50 pm

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