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Bhumi Jankari 2023: Check Bhulekh Land Record Online Jamabandi State Wise, भूलेख भू नक्शा

Bhumi Jankari 2023: Check Bhulekh Land Record Online Jamabandi State Wise, भूलेख भू नक्शा जमाबंदी नकल खोजें- Bhulekh Naksha Online Bhumi Jankari State Wise, भूमि जानकारी नक्शा ऑनलाइन

The online land record system of different states tracks the Jamabandi Nakal or Check Bhumi Jankari 2023. This is a land record system that is segregated from one state to another and is meant to help the citizens fetch the details and the legal entities related to a particular land area within the state.

bhumi jankari land record check

Bhumi Jankari 2023

The government has started maintaining government portals and updating various information therein for the convenience of the citizens. One such is the land record portal where some of the states like Bihar, Jharkhand, and Madhya Pradesh are now uploading the land records.

Therefore, you can now check your Bhulekh Naksha Jankari 2023 Land Record Information Online, as well as, will be able to download the Jamabandi Nakal right from there. There is a state wise Jamabandi check portal. For example, for Bihar Bhumi Jankari 2023, you will have to visit

Online Bhumi Jankari Details

Article NameBhumi Jankari
OrganizedThrough Indian Government
CategoryGovt Yojana
भूलेख भू नक्शायहाँ देखें
Official siteClick Here
भू रिकॉर्ड ऑनलाइनचेक करें

Jamabandi Check Online 2023

For any state in India, you can check your land record from the Jamabandi check provision that is there in your state portal. All you need to know is the name on which you have registered your property, and then by entering the tehsil and other location details, you will be able to see all the relevant information that you could need about your land.

Bihar Bhumi Jankari 2023

If you are a citizen of Bihar, you can easily check your land details by following the steps mentioned below:

  • Simply visit check your Bhumi Jankari online. Likewise, you can visit your own state’s land record portal respectively.
  • Check Jamabandi and land record
  • You can also select different options such as Jamabandi check, Apply LPC, and LPC status check (if you have already applied) from the drop-down menu that appears!
  • Pick any of the features that you want to use and you can continue accessing the details that you want to fetch right from there!

Online Land Record State Wise Portal

Bhumi Jankari portal 2023 is available for different states in India including Assam, Chattisgarh, Bihar, Chandigarh, Delhi, Goa, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir, Kerala, Karnataka, Mizoram, Nagaland, Maharashtra, Telangana, Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, and West Bengal too, among many others. 

State Wise Jamabandi Check Online 2023

  • Simply visit the Jamabandi state official portal according to your respective state. 
  • Proceed further by filling up the location details including your tehsil, district, and other fields appropriately. 
  • Now, you can view your Jamabandi by name.
  • Take a screenshot or preserve a printout of the same for future reference. 

How to Check Bhumi Jankari 2023 Online 

Follow the below mentioned steps to check Bhumi Jankari online: 

  • Open your preferred web browser and visit your state’s land record portal
  • Now, click on the Land Record by your name as registered against the land
  • Fill in the district, tehsil, and village to grab the other details
  • You will be redirected to a different web page where you can see your Bhumi Jankari 2023.
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FAQs about Bhumi Jankari 2023

What are the benefits of an online land record portal?

The availability of a land record portal will help you in maintaining the ownership and rights of your property. Things have become much more transparent and available to the citizens of India across all the states.

Has this land record portal minimized fraud occurrences?

Yes, certainly! The land record portal has reduced the chances of fraud as access to information has increased.

How many states have started adopting the Bhumi Jankari portal?

All the states of India have adopted the online land record portal to date.

Which name is to be used for viewing the Bhumi Jankari details?

You need to enter the name that is registered against the property while accessing the Bhumi Jankari details.

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