Brian Laundrie’s Mother Speaks Out About ‘Burn After Reading’ Letter


After months of staying silent, Roberta Laundrie, mother of Brian Laundrie, has spoken out regarding a letter she wrote to her son before the murder of Gabby Petito.

The letter has been the subject of much scrutiny as it was titled “burn after reading” and allegedly contained references to buying a shovel and burying a body.

Roberta is now defending herself in court, claiming that the letter was meant to be taken as a lighthearted joke and an attempt to repair her strained relationship with her son.

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Petito and Nichole Schmidt’s lawyer argue that the letter refers to burying a body, using a shovel, and helping Brian evade legal consequences.

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She stated that despite the language used in the letter, there was no connection to what happened to Gabby and Brian. Roberta maintained that the words in the letter were written months earlier and could not have been a comment on the tragic situation that occurred between Brian and Gabby.

She expressed that her words were meant to convey her love and support for her son through a lighthearted and quirky reminder that her love for him was undiminished and unshaken by the distance they would soon face.

It remains to be seen whether the court will admit the letter as evidence in the upcoming civil trial, but Roberta’s letter provides a glimpse into the Laundrie family’s side of the story. The case has garnered national attention and continues to unfold as more details come to light.

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