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Brooke Shields’ Daughters Had Some Qualms About Upcoming ‘Pretty Baby’ Doc

Brooke Shields is set to be the subject of an upcoming documentary for Hulu titled “Pretty Baby,” which delves into her rise to fame in the 1978 movie of the same name.

However, Shields’ two teenage daughters, Grier and Rowan, were shocked by the documentary’s content, despite thinking they knew all about their mother’s teenage years.

In an interview with People, Shields revealed that her daughters were “mad” that she hadn’t told them everything before they saw the film.

While it is unclear exactly what the girls were referring to, the documentary covers serious topics related to Shields’ time in the limelight, including an intimate revelation about being taken advantage of by a man she knew from Princeton.

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Despite their initial surprise, the documentary has sparked conversations between Shields and her daughters. The actress revealed that the film’s “incredibly honest nature” has led to further discussions about her past.

Shields produced the documentary with Ali’s and her production company BedBy8, in conjunction with Matador Content and ABC News Studios. Actress Brooke Shields is preparing to share her life story with fans through an upcoming documentary titled “Pretty Baby: Brooke Shields.”

The Hulu docuseries explores the rise of the actress, whose teenage years were spent in the limelight after she starred in the 1978 movie “Pretty Baby.” While the documentary promises to be a revealing look at Shields’ past, it appears that her two teenage daughters were not prepared for the intimate revelations.

Shields, who shares daughters Grier and Rowan with husband Chris Henchy, recently opened up about how her daughters reacted to the upcoming series. Speaking to People on the red carpet, Shields shared that her daughters were “mad” after watching the documentary, which includes information that they were previously unaware of.

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It is unclear what exactly the girls were upset about, but Shields did reveal that it sparked “other conversations.” The actress has been candid about her experiences in the past, including discussing her struggles with postpartum depression and how it impacted her relationship with her husband.

However, it appears that her daughters were not aware of everything, which caused some tension in the family. Despite their initial reaction, Shields’ daughters are likely proud of their mother’s accomplishments and the fact that her life story is being shared with a wider audience. Fans can catch “Pretty Baby: Brooke Shields” when it premieres on Hulu on April 3.

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