Chloë Bailey rammed after declaring new single with 'foul' Chris Brown

Chloë Bailey rammed after declaring new single with ‘foul’ Chris Brown

Chloë Bailey confronted the backlash after she declared yet another single with Chris Brown.

Fans slammed Chloë Bailey after she declared that her next single, “How Can it Feel,” will feature questionable singer Chris Brown.

On Thursday, the “Show Kindness” singer, 24, shared a photo of her and the “Impaired” singer, 33, embracing for the cover of the new song, which is set to hit streaming sites next Friday.

Bailey was immediately met with backlash from fans who spoke about why she would team up with someone who has been accused of brutality against ladies a few times.

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“We color bomb people in music in the event they feel they need to team up with a realized victim to describe,” one pundit tweeted

How Can it Feel” is due to be delivered on February 24.

Instagram/Chloe Bailey

“see how individuals protect her teaming up with him while guaranteeing that his set of experiences of brutality against women was a one-off that he evolved from regardless of how his history returns from 2009 to 2022. In 2019 and 2022 he was charged with rape by 2 distinct ladies,” one added.

One supporter used an advisory modifier to describe Brown: “Disgusting.”

chlöe there is actually time to delete this we will imagine since we didn’t see this there is actually time,” asked a fourth person.

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Again, a fan defended Bailey’s choice to register Brown for the record.

“Chris Brown is the GOAT everyone is crying and your tears taste amazing. Keep it up!” one ally tweeted, while another added: “Individuals are really nasty in the comments 😂 do your thing young lady!”

“Web-based entertainment and that [sic] special shock is running out. Anywho, I really trust this song to be fire Chlöe.. .for a person of your ability and talent, you really deserve the best position. Can hardly pause!” a third backer composed.

Since Brown pleaded guilty to felony assault for punching then-girlfriend Rihanna in 2009, he has found himself in a difficult situation.

In 2017, the “No Direction” singer’s ex Karrueche Tran granted a five-year restraining order against him for being violent towards her when she refused to return money and gifts he gave during their relationship.

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