Chris Brown Serenades Chloe Bailey With Encouragement Amid Backlash For Collab

As the release date for Chris Brown and Chloe Bailey’s collaborative song “How Does it Feel” approaches, the “Party” vocalist compliments Bailey in the most adorable way!

Not long ago, the “Let It Shine” alum announced the long-awaited collaboration on social media, and several fans were less than thrilled given Brown’s controversial history of assaulting women.

To that end, the “Stomp the Yard” actor’s latest gesture may not be a favorite among critics, but some are showing support and credit Bailey for sticking by him amid the backlash.

Chris Brown Urges Chloe Bailey Not To Look Back Ahead Of New Collab Music Release

Brown was full of flattery as he serenaded Bailey ahead of their upcoming collaboration, which is set to be released on Friday, February 24. He uploaded two photos of him and Bailey on Instagram, including a marked-up version of their song’s cover art with their bodies close to touch with the “Takers” actor’s hand on Bailey’s waist as their heads touched.

The 24-year-old was dressed in a black leather two-piece, which consisted of a long body-hugging skirt and a long-sleeved cropped blouse that highlighted her bust. On the other hand, Brown rocked loose pants, what could be a turtle-neck shirt and an oversized jacket. He paired the look with a pair of sneakers.

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In the following photo, Bailey leaned into the 33-year-old singer, whose hands held her shoulder as he beamed at the camera, while also poking her lips and making the peace sign gesture.

Brown wrote in the accompanying caption, “24th. @chloebailey you are a beautiful soul… TAKE OVER THE WORLD SHAWTY AND DON’T LOOK BACK.” He continued, “YOU ARE A QUEEN! DON’T LET ANYONE TELL YOU! You followed your dreams, and now the universe is fulfilling that manifestation.”

Despite the criticism surrounding the couple’s partnership, the post received nearly a million likes, with thousands flocking to the comments to share their views. Among the commenters, unsurprisingly, was Bailey, who gushed, “can’t wait for the world to hear the magic we created.” The words of encouragement did not go unnoticed by her followers, as they reacted quickly.

One fan exclaimed: “Yes! Stand united, make great music and keep being great artists! God has blessed you both, and HE has the final say.” Another user thanked the “Fighting Temptations” star for not turning her back on Brown when people were passing judgment.

Similarly, another follower who was rooting for the duo sent prayers, writing, “God bless you and keep going; you know you were chosen and chosen for this moment and it’s yours, so get up!

Meanwhile, one commenter who believed Bailey wasn’t a full Brown supporter amid the criticism wrote, “Well, you could have stood up for him somehow instead of letting it all fall on him.”

‘Kiss Kiss’ singer lashes out at critics dissing new ‘How Does It Feel’ collab

While a number of people around the world are praising Brown and Bailey for their collaboration, several have been critical since the start following the Georgia native’s announcement.

She dropped the news of the latest collaboration on Instagram last weekend used the cover photo of their music and captioned it, “2ND PIECE. HOW DOES IT FEEL @chrisbrown? 2/24.”

Almost immediately, critics flooded the comments with vitriol, highlighting Brown’s past history of assaulting women, particularly his partner. One shouted: “No, for various reasons. The most obvious has been [sic] his history of abusing multiple women, plus he constantly publishes conspiracy theories and spreads misinformation (on right now). Doesn’t look good.”

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Another commenter pointed out that the “Beautiful People” vocalist has constantly been open in his songs about not dating or getting involved with black women, which they thought shouldn’t sit well with Bailey. One baffled fan said: “Why do you keep letting him have a bloody career. Chloe, you can do so much better than this.”

The outpouring of condemnation caught the “Look at Me Now” singer’s attention in an instant as he took to his Instagram story to address the haters by giving them a piece of his mind.

He raged, “IF YOU STILL HATE ME FOR A MISTAKE I MADE AS A 17-YEAR-OLD, PLEASE KISS ME ALL MY **.” BRown further wrote that he was frustrated by the same narrative about his past circulating while comparing his situation to white people who had previously been accused of domestic abuse.

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