Christie Brinkley, 69, Says Aging Is Something to Celebrate: “Those Days of Hiding Our Age Are Over”

Christie Brinkley, 69, Says Aging Is Something to Celebrate: “Those Days of Hiding Our Age Are Over”

  • Christie Brinkley is celebrating aging in a new Instagram in honor of her 69th birthday.
  • The post featured a collage of magazine covers she’s posed for over the years, all of which proclaimed her age.

The one and only Christie Brinkley turned 69 on February 2 and she’s not afraid to claim it. In a celebrated Instagram, the former supermodel shared a collage of magazine covers that explained her age over the years, using it to make a point: that aging is nothing to be ashamed of.

“My days were NUMBERED! Literally!” she wrote the headlines with the headlines “‘Christie at 60,’ ‘Christie at 50,'” and so on. “I even got into the numbers myself when I wrote my age on the cover of my book, Timeless beauty“, she continued. “I was 61 and I wrote that book because I think we have more control over these numbers than they have over us!

By that, Brinkley means that thanks to modern medicine, technology and research on diet and nutrition, the opportunity to thrive at any age is more accessible than ever. “We have learned so much about how our bodies and minds work … and ways to expand our well-being and energy,” she wrote. “Plus, we have a full menu of choices and ways to look as good as we feel! From makeup and wardrobe to dermatology!”

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“Those days of hiding our age are over!” Brinkley continued. “I’m 69 and feeling GRATEFUL! I’ve learned that gratitude, health and love are the keys to happiness! I’ve survived a lot, and what didn’t kill me, really made me stronger, wiser, and I really look at every day as a gift to celebrate!”

She ended her post with encouragement to her followers: “So go ahead, proclaim your age; celebrate the years! Make those numbers your b—-! You’ve got this! We’ve got this! 👍🏼😘❤️.”

With such optimism, it’s hard not to look forward to joining Brinkley in the late ’60s club (if you haven’t already). And with that, we wish the actress a very happy birthday! We can’t wait to see what the year holds for the celebrity.

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