Cowin Vaccine Certificate using Mobile Number

Cowin Vaccine Certificate Download using Mobile Number – Full Process

Cowin Vaccine Certificate Download By using Mobile Number– At present, our country India is going through the 3rd phase of the Covid 19 vaccine. Initially, the process was open only for the health and front-line workers. However, with the due course of time, it got open for all the citizens of India.

The vaccine is now made available for all the countrymen and in order to track the number of vaccinations done in the country, you will have to register yourself in the Cowin portal in the first place. This is basically a government portal that will help you register yourself and then get vaccinated accordingly.

Once you have completed the 1st dose of vaccine, you are supposed to get a provisional certificate, and then you will be eligible to receive the final certificate post completion of the 2nd dose of your vaccine. However, there is one more vaccine and that’s the booster dose or the precaution dose which is now getting implemented.

Cowin Vaccine Certificate

Now that you have got your vaccination, it is important to preserve your certificate for the same. If you are thinking that what is the need for this certificate and why should you bother to have it with yourself, it is important to understand the necessity of the same for future reference. Once vaccinated, you will receive a 13 digit beneficiary code which will capture all your details.

The certificate will contain your name, age, date of birth, whether you have been vaccinated with Covaxin/Covishield or Sputnik V, and then the place as well as the date of vaccination along with the medical practitioner’s name who had given you the vaccine. Also, there is a QR code that would contain all the information on scanning.

This is important to keep this certificate with you, not just for your medication reference in the future, but at the same time, it has become a critical document issued by the government of India which you will need to carry along with yourself if you are traveling. Also, your employer might ask you to provide this certificate to your organization so as to prove that you have already received your doses and you are safe and immunized completely. 

Cowin Vaccine Certificate Download Process

You can download the Covid 19 vaccine certificate on your phone or laptop once you have completed the doses of your vaccine. You can get it either on the Aarogya Setu app as well as on the government official website or on the Cowin app.

  • Login to the CoWIN app
  • Click on the Register option
  • Give your phone number, and you will receive an OTP
  • Enter the OTP in the given field and click on Verify & Proceed button
  • You will see the Vaccine certificate option below 1st dose if you have just received 1 dose and is yet to receive the 2nd one
  • In case you have already completed the 2nd dose, click on the Vaccine certificate option below that! You will receive the final certificate.
  • The certificate you receive will be in the PDF format. You can store the soft copy of the same in your device and then take a print out to own the hard copy as well.

Cowin Vaccine Certificate using Mobile Number

When you log in to the Cowin government official portal or on the CoWIN application or even in the Aarogya Setu app, you will be able to download your Covid 19 certificate at ease with any of them.

  • At first, click on the Register now button and then provide your mobile number
  • You will have to verify your identity offering the 6 digit OTP you receive in your phone number
  • Get the vaccine certificate based on the 1st or 2nd dose whichever you have completed. You will receive the provisional certificate after the 1st dose and the final certificate after having the 2nd dose done. Keep it for future reference.

Note: The vaccine certificate is an important document as it contains your 13 digit beneficiary ID along with the place and date of your vaccination. It even mentions the name of the vaccinator along with all other credentials that you might require, in the years down the line.

Cowin Vaccine Certificate Download link

There is no separate link to download the Cowin vaccine certificate. You may either get it from the official government website of Cowin or via the app downloaded from the Play store. You can even get it on your Aarogya Setu app, and on the Umang app too. Keeping the certificate with you will help you to access it for future reference, as well as, you can use it in case your employer asks you for proof of your vaccination. It is a critical document to you if you are traveling out of the state or country!

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