Dionne Warwick & Dolly Parton Talk Decades-Long Relationship Without Actually Meeting

Dolly Parton and Dionne Warwick Celebrate Their Longtime Connection!

The update comes shortly after they confirmed they are working on a gospel song, “Peace Like a River.”

Dolly Parton & Dionne Warwick are excited to share their first hug after years of friendship

Warwick and Parton have talked over the phone and FaceTime for decades, but it wasn’t until they had to shoot the music video for their upcoming song that the pair shared a real-life embrace. The musical duo met in Nashville, Tennessee, to shoot the video, which was produced and directed by Warwick’s son, Damon Elliott.

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“I was so excited this morning because when I was riding with you, someone asked how long you’ve known Dionne. I said, ‘I don’t know her, except through her music, and I love her music.

She continued to say, “She [Warwick] was always one of my favorites. I had all her records, but I don’t think I ever met her. I would have remembered if I had met her, but this morning it was like two little teenagers like, ‘Hey! Hello! Hello!'”

Parton added that she knew she wouldn’t be “disappointed” when she met Warwick because even though they had communicated via FaceTime and calls, “I knew I was going to love her because I just knew that voice.”

The “I Will Always Love You” singer explained that her friend’s voice was “kind of inside me,” giving her a “vibration” that people felt when they heard others sing. “So I knew I was going to love her. And it wasn’t like I met a stranger. We just approached each other like we’ve always known each other,” she concluded.

Parton’s candid take on their time together prompted the “Walk On By” singer to chime in, “Dear old friends.” It’s worth noting that Parton’s plans to work on this gospel duet had been years in the making, as she admitted that she first wrote the song “in the late ’80s.”

And as it turned out, “it’s a song that stands the test of time” and was “very dear” to Warwick’s heart. The song’s music video is expected to premiere on Friday, with more than enough church vibes for their combined fan base.

Gospel singer shares joy over duet with Parton

Tops observed last month that Warwick had run over her and Parton’s gospel project. The 82-year-old had taken to Twitter to post a clip which showed her in a pair of trendy dark glasses, a black matching graphic tee, a matching beanie and a cross necklace.

“We are very excited that I will have a release date very, very soon. So keep your eyes and ears open. Me and Dolly are just over the moon about it,” the “That’s What Friends Are For” hitmaker updated.

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As expected, the announcement allowed fans to show their support for the duet. “Miss Dionne and Dolly Parton in a duet?? Hooray!! That’s something I absolutely have to listen to! Talk about a dream team!” one fan exclaimed happily.

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