Donna D'Errico Is Giving 'Baywatch' in Bikini Bottoms and Lacy Lingerie Instagram Pictures

Donna D'Errico Is Giving 'Baywatch' in Bikini Bottoms and Lacy Lingerie Instagram Pictures

  • Donna D’Errico released two new photos on Instagram recently, showing just how mega strong she is these days.
  • On a picture is Baywatch the star flaunts her abs in one lacy red lingerie, and in the other she shows off her toned bottoms in thongs.
  • Donna works out hard with a trainer and follows a vegan diet.

Valentine’s Day week is the perfect time to bring your fashion A-game, and Donna D’Errico did just that. The previous Baywatch star scrolled through a series of sexy styles on Instagram to celebrate love, and people almost lost it.

In one shot, the 54-year-old modeled racy red lingerie with side cutouts – and it’s hard to miss her toned abs and how strong she is these days.

Happy Valentine’s Day!” she captioned the photo before talking about her favorite chocolate. “I don’t want to commit to a gross jelly or fruity chewy something,” she joked. “And yeah, I put the bit right back in the damn the box.”

Some people just couldn’t handle it in the comments. “Daaaaaaaaamn!” one wrote, while another said, “you look amazing in everything Donna.”

But that’s not all. Donna ~also~ shared a photo of her toned pants in red and white striped thongs. “The bikini that started it all,” she wrote. “They said I couldn’t, they said I shouldn’t. I said hold my beer.”

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Of course, Donna makes it clear that she works hard to become this strong. She recently shared photos of herself boxing and doing “fight training” with her trainer Ayhan Tongadur on the beach. (If you’re not aware, boxing is a great workout that gets your heart rate up quickly while also getting you all toned.)

Donna also works with trainer Spencer Brown. Back in 2019, she shared a video of herself doing a luge across a gym floor (a serious thigh and shoe burner) while sharing how excited she is to be working with Brown.

“I told him I want to get more ‘cut’ in my shoulders and back while still maintaining a feminine look, and work on getting my legs and butt toned,” Donna explained. “I can already see a difference.”

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On the food front, Donna shared earlier Fox news that she became vegan after watching a video about poor conditions for animals on some farms. “At the time, I had no idea there were factory farms or what they were,” she said. “I didn’t know what conditions these animals had before they ended up on our plates and in grocery stores. I was living in the dark.”

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