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Donna D’Errico Reveals Rescue Dog Is Alive After Health Scare

Actress Donna D’Errico had a terrifying ordeal last year when her rescue puppy ruptured her anal sac during a routine call at the groomer.

After a lengthy recovery period, the “Baywatch” star, 54, took to Instagram to reassure her followers that Scout was alive and well.

‘Baywatch’ babe Donna D’Errico’s rescue dog is happy and healthy after health scare

In her latest Instagram post, the “Frank and Penelope” actress snapped a photo of Scout looking as happy as ever, his long pink tongue sticking out of his mouth as he smiled at the camera. “Just look at that face. How happy. To look at him, you’d never know his story or what this little man has been through,” Donna began.

“He was found alive on the street with a homeless woman. His teeth were rotten from a life of McDonald’s scraps and they all had to be pulled out. His back right leg was permanently lame and he was probably deaf from too many untreated ear infections that permanently damaged his hearing,” she explained.

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“His nails were painfully overgrown and his fur was matted. He attacked anyone who came near him – usually with badly beaten dogs. The wonderful people who rescued him cleaned him up and nursed him back to health, and I was lucky enough to welcome him to live with me. I promised him never to let anyone hurt him again.”

“Several months ago I took him to samsgreenpaw to be groomed, and unbeknownst to me, they empty dogs’ anal sacs as part of their grooming. I only allow my vet to do that,” she added.

“They pinched his bottom.” so forcefully that it unknowingly ruptured one of his anal sacs inside, and they sent him home because Scout was in a fast decency towards a comatose state. He ended up in an emergency animal hospital where they saved his life.

The owner of Sam’s Greenpaw was made aware of all that was happening and created a pack of bulls – to avoid being held accountable for what they did to Scout.”

“Yet Scout is still smiling. Look at his silly toothless self. He hops around on three legs, has to eat mush because he can’t chew, he’ll never know his name because he can’t hear me, and yet he wakes up every day and loving life happy to be alive,” she concluded. “Thanks for the lesson little buddy. I love you.”

Donna’s fans are happy to see that Scout is still alive and well!

While a few were frustrated that the groomer wasn’t held responsible for nearly causing Scout’s death, many supporters were just relieved that Scout managed to survive the terrifying ordeal. “So great to hear Scout is still loving life and smiling and thanks to you. He’s come a long way since the grueling torment from samsgreenpaw. Keep up the good work puppy,” one fan commented.

“I remember you posting that horrible story and seeing his picture today and actually thinking how good he looks now,” another follower wrote. “Thank you so much for rescuing him and giving him a loving home,” said a third fan. I’m both!!” another follower added.

“I’m so glad he’s doing better. I saw the original post and was horrified at what happened to him. It’s worse knowing how horrible his life was before and that he’s had to learn to trust people and then be treated so. I hope he continues to get better. What a treasure and thankful he has you!” another fan shared.

In a separate Instagram post, Donna noted that Scout is not the “first victim” of that groomer. “I found some reviews online. Looks like Scout wasn’t the first victim,” she wrote, before going on to explain that the owner of the grooming company began “accusing me that this was all about the money.”

“A true animal advocate would not bother to defend themselves or talk to vets to make excuses or find ways to avoid paying vet bills when a dog is injured while in your care, or to accuse someone of being only about the money when they demand justice,” Donna added. “A true animal advocate and standup person would have done the right thing immediately.

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