Sri Chaitanya E Praghna Student Login

E Praghna Portal 2023: Sri Chaitanya Online Exams, Student Login Guide, Registration & SCAITS Classes

E-Praghna Portal Sri Chaitanya Online Exams, Student Login Guide, Registration & SCAITS Classes- Covid-19, the name which is still a nightmare to each and every one of us, has a very different and quite effective imprint on our Indian society. Before the pandemic and the lock-down, we could not even think of something named virtual education, and we lacked the knowledge of a fantastic universe where learning won’t need us to go out of our four walls.

Instead, it will bring the globe with all the ocean of wisdom to us in our confinement. Yes, digital education has had a very different imprint on Indian society. And when we are talking about virtual learning and free flow of knowledge, what else stands so brightly other than e-Praghna- an online educational portal by Sri Chaitanya Educational Institutions.

About E-Praghna Portal

Sri-Chaitanya Group has been holding its position in the coaching industries of India for decades. Initiating their journey in 1986, they now possess a significant hub of educational institutions also very well known as SCAITS Classes all over the country with their expertise in the prestigious entrance exams of our country, including engineering, medical and administrative services.

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Sri Chaitanya E Praghna Student Login
Sri Chaitanya E Praghna Student Login

Their objectives consist of mainly three things:-

Firstly, to help the students prepare for the competitive exams by integrating the competitive syllabus and academics.

Secondly, teaching dear students the process of how to crack the exams and ensure their entry into the best institutes of the country.

Thirdly, Allocating the best faculty to fulfill the first two objectives.

What is Sri Chaitanya?

This is one of the best institutions in India, offering various courses on different topics ranging from online education to last-minute preparation for competitive examines. It is that kind of a program which always encourages the students of the present age to learn from anywhere, anytime. This is the best possible format through which a learner doesn’t need to fight with the hurdles to reach knowledge. Instead, the knowledge reaches his/ her doorstep. It is the gateway into the room of success and nothing else.

Facilities Provided to the Students

Being one of the leading institutions, the organization provides some of the best facilities to the learners, which leads them to a new horizon. Following the bulleted points, the aspirants or their family members can have a clear idea about the facilities they are going to get after their successful admission.

  • Students are provided separate hostel rooms with a safe and learner-friendly environment.
  • Well-furnished libraries with updated books and necessary documents.
  • Various journals and magazines in the library for the students to be enriched in their buckets of knowledge.

Services of E-Praghna Portal

E-Praghna Portal is one of India’s best virtual educational portals, which actually facilitates a learner with various academic types of equipment that not only ensure their future but also those empower them for a great and bright future ahead. These services include:

  • The facility of having online mock tests through the portal.
  • Tests are taken with a particular focus on competitive exams like NEET, JEE, and UPSC.
  • At the initiating moment of each course, the complete course schedule is generally delivered to a learner.
  • Students, parents, experts, and other faculties will find this portal of E-Praghna made only for them.
  • There lies another exclusive benefit on the students’ part: they can use analytics to examine and evaluate their exam module result, their performance, and what they need to do.
  • Such a kind of analyzing ability serves as an excellent parameter for the preparation of the students. Such a kind of tool not only becomes only a tool for the examinees. Rather it beholds them in front of a mirror where they can watch and sharpen themselves more and more.
  • E-Praghna is always available from vacations to lock-down with its excellent course content.
  • The overall curriculum offers hundreds of questions to the students to practice and excel in their dream career.
  • The experts are always available here for the betterment of the students, without any extra cost.

E Praghna Student Login Guide

After knowing the essential details and the amenities of the portal and the organization, now it’s the time of admission. Once you take the admission in the portal, you will have some primary information like admission number and your User ID. When the time approaches for having some experiences, you need to log in. To log in, just follow the steps. The portal will be all yours.

Step-1) First tap on the official website of the E-Praghna portal.

Step-2) With the homepage, the login window will appear in front of you.

Step-3) Now, the sign-in process will begin where you need to submit your admission number or user id along with your mobile number.

Step-4) Sign in option is waiting for your click.

Step-5) But if you haven’t registered yourself with the portal yet, then before following the previous process go to the sign-up option.

Step-6) Check your message box. Just submit your OTP.

Step-7) Now, you are successfully registered within the portal.

Step-8) Now, log in at any point in time and learn from wherever you are.

Online Requirements for E Praghna Portal

Sri Chaitanya uses secured cloud infrastructure for a better outcome from the portal E-Praghna. And this level of security and arrangements have been taken for those aspirants in junior and senior colleges dreaming of short-term or long-term targets. To access such a great portal, one needs to have a few set-ups, which will make the learning smooth as well as delicate.

Sri Chaitanya Online Exams 2023-

  • Online technology with 4G bandwidth
  • A Windows or Mac-based desktop or laptop connected with a minimum bandwidth of 4 to 6 MBPS
  • These are the requirements for a student going to use E-Praghna.

Infinity Learn Exam of Sri Chaitanya Group

After all these, a significant point remains, probably the most important one. In India, the scuffle between money and talent is the reason behind several failures and drop-outs. In such a scenario, the Infinity Learn Exam of Sri Chaitanya Group, an online 100% scholarship test, is like providing the moon at the hands. This scholarship helps the needy as well as to deserving students in their run behind their ambition. To sit for the exam, the following steps are to be followed.

  • After signing into the website, one will get the link to sit for the exam.
  • Clicking on the link will take him/ her to a new page.
  • He/she can schedule his/her exam time here, depending upon the availability of slots.
  • Once the slot is confirmed, one just needs to sit and write the exam.


In this time of the hybrid model, education needs to be modernized. Technology and continuous preparation are counted as the two hands of the great dreams. And here E-Praghna portal bears the torch where education illumines the learner irrespective of their society, surroundings, and economy.

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