Best 10 Short + Religious Easter Poems 2023 for Kids To Read As Prayers In Church & School

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Importance of Easter Poems and Easter Prayers 2023 for Kids: Poetry has been used to express human emotions and ideas for thousands of years. It is a powerful medium of communication that can convey complex emotions and concepts in a concise and impactful manner. Easter poems are no exception. They are a beautiful way to express the joy and hope that Easter brings. Poems on Easter 2023 can also be used to reflect on the themes of sacrifice, redemption, and resurrection that are central to the Christian faith.

Happy Easter Poem 2023 often touch upon themes such as faith, hope, renewal, springtime, and the cycle of life. They can be found in various forms and styles, ranging from traditional to contemporary, and can be written by both well-known poets and amateur writers. Poem about jesus death and resurrection are often recited or shared during Easter services or family gatherings to help express the joy and significance of the occasion.

easter poems for church

easter poems for church

Easter Poems 2023

Easter poems 2023 can be written in a variety of styles, from traditional hymns to contemporary free verse. They can be recited in church services, shared with family and friends, or even published in collections of poetry. The beauty of Easter poems lies in their ability to connect with people on a deep, emotional level. They can help to reinforce the message of Easter and inspire people to live a life of faith and hope.

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happy easter poems for kids

happy easter poems


By Ruby Archer


Hail, Easter, font of soul-refreshing springs!
Now Nature’s heart is softened by warm rains,
And spring-born joys are beating in her veins.
Creation all one thrilling anthem rings.
The balmy winds, like rush of angels’ wings,
Are wafting snow-dreams from awaking lanes,
And bearing spirit to the waiting plains,
While drifting, rain-sweet clouds thy dawning brings.
Pure, lovely lilies, sacred to the day,
With bended heads are standing, whitely dressed,
Like souls of children whom in life He blessed;
And in their incense-homage lowly say,
“Forget not all His mercies! Lift thy voice
And sing! The Lord is risen! Earth, Heaven, rejoice!”


by Claude McKay

Far from this foreign Easter damp and chilly

My soul steals to a pear-shaped plot of ground,

Where gleamed the lilac-tinted Easter lily

Soft-scented in the air for yards around.

easter poems for kids

easter poems for kids


Easter Blessings

Easter blessings, all around,
In every sight and every sound.
From blooming flowers to chirping birds,
The message clear, in every word.
A love that’s pure, a hope that’s bright,
A promise strong, in Easter’s light.
Of life renewed, of hearts made whole,
In Christ’s embrace, we find our soul.

So let us lift our voices high,
In joyful praise of Christ most nigh.
And let our hearts, be filled with love,
For Christ has risen, and lives above.

Easter blessings, all around,
In every sight and every sound.
May we all feel God’s gentle hand,
And know that we are truly blessed.


by Matthew Arnold

Children dear, was it yesterday

We heard the sweet bells over the bay?

In the caverns where we lay,

Through the surf and through the swell,

The far-off sound of a silver bell?

Sand-strewn caverns, cool and deep,

Where the winds are all asleep.


Some Things That Easter Brings

Easter duck and Easter chick,
Easter eggs with chocolate thick,

Easter hats for one and all,
Easter bunny makes a call!

Happy Easter always brings
Such a lot of pleasant things!


Short Easter Poems and Prayers

In today’s fast-paced world, it can be challenging to find time for reflection and contemplation. However, the message of Easter remains as relevant today as it was centuries ago. Easter poems and Easter prayers offer a way for believers to connect with the message of Easter in a meaningful way.

Moreover, Easter poems and prayers can be a source of comfort and inspiration during difficult times. They can remind us of the hope and joy that Easter brings, even in the face of adversity. They can also help to reinforce the importance of faith and encourage us to live a life of love, compassion, and service to others.

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short easter poems 2023

short easter poems 2023


Celebrate Our Savior

On Easter morn, we celebrate our Savior;
Whatever people seek in Him, they find.
In history, there has never been another
So holy, sacrificial, good and kind.

His resurrection makes us all immortal;
In heaven, we’ll be together with our King.
Eternally we’ll share in all His blessings;
Happy Easter! Jesus Christ is everything!

By Joanna Fuchs


Easter Heralds

by Amos Russel Wells

Who came from the tomb
When Jesus came,
To scatter our gloom
With his living name?
‘Twas the angel Hope,
Whose sunbeams go
To the farthest scope
Of our darkest woe.
Hope came from the tomb
When the Saviour came.

Who came from the tomb
When Jesus came,
In the bursting bloom
Of a world aflame?
It was Joy, the angel,
Who sang and sang
Till the glad evangel
Through the wide world rang.
Joy came from the tomb
When the Saviour came.

Who came from the tomb
When Jesus came
From the conquered doom
Of our sin and shame?
It was Love, supreme
Of the angel host,
And her graces gleam
Where we need them most.
Love came from the tomb
When the Saviour came.


by Elsie Parrish 

Easter hats for one and all,

Easter Bunny makes a call!

Happy Easter always brings

Such a lot of pleasant things.


 Easter Prayers For Churches To Celebrate Resurrection of the Jesus

Religious Easter Prayer is an essential part of the Christian faith. It is a way for believers to communicate with God and seek His guidance and support. Easter prayers are particularly significant as they focus on the themes of sacrifice, redemption, and resurrection. They offer believers a way to reflect on the message of Easter and connect with God on a deeper level.

Happy Easter prayers can take many forms, from traditional liturgical prayers to spontaneous, heartfelt expressions of faith. They can be recited in church services, prayed privately at home, or even shared online. The beauty of Easter prayers lies in their ability to bring people together in a shared experience of faith and hope. They can also be a source of comfort and support during difficult times, reminding believers of God’s love and mercy.

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famous easter poems

famous easter poems


Easter Miracle

A miracle of love divine,
In Easter’s joy, we do entwine.
The gift of life, a hope so bright,
For all the world, in peace and light.
The cross that bore our Saviour’s weight,
The empty tomb, a promise great.
Of new beginnings, fresh and new,
A life redeemed, so pure and true.

In Easter’s grace, we find our way,
Our hearts renewed, our fears allayed.
For Christ has risen, and we know,
His love for us will always grow.


By Anonymous

Turn from the world mine eyes and see
This mournful sight of Calvary;
See Him expiring on the cross,
The Son of God! to ransom us.

Behold His feet, His hands, how torn!
His sacred temples pierced with thorns:
An emblem of the curse He bore
For us, our lost estate t’ restore.

“‘Tis finished!” the Redeemer cried,
Then bow’d His sacred head and died;
The price is paid, the prisoners freed,
And death and hell are captive led.

Then from the cross He’s taken down,
Securely laid within the tomb;
From whence He rose, and lives on high,
To plead for us eternally.

Bonus: Easter prayer for churches (Inspired from Bible)

Dear God,

As we gather together on this joyous Easter Sunday, we lift our hearts in grateful praise for the gift of your son, Jesus Christ, who triumphed over death and gave us the promise of eternal life.

We thank you for the sacrifice of love that he made on the cross, for his unwavering faithfulness, and for the hope that he has given us through his resurrection.

As we celebrate this day, we ask that you bless our church community and fill our hearts with the same spirit of hope and joy that filled the hearts of the disciples when they saw the risen Lord. May we feel the power of your presence in our lives and be reminded of the infinite love that you have for us.

We pray for those who are struggling or suffering, that they may find comfort and strength in your love. We ask that you heal the sick, comfort the grieving, and provide for the needs of the poor and the marginalized.

Help us to be agents of your love and grace in the world, to share the good news of your resurrection with those around us, and to live out the message of Easter in all that we do.

We offer this prayer in the name of Jesus Christ, our risen Lord and Savior.


Easter Poems and Quotes

Easter Morning (by Aileen Fisher)

  1. Easter morning, early, I saw the sun come up – Rising with the world As it rose from the tomb. I saw the darkness break, The first light of the dawn, And the world was fresh and young, For the Son of Man had risen.
  2. “The very first Easter taught us this: that life never ends and love never dies.” – Kate McGahan
  3. “Easter spells out beauty, the rare beauty of new life.” – S.D. Gordon
  4. “Easter is meant to be a symbol of hope, renewal, and new life.” – Janine di Giovanni
  5. “The great gift of Easter is hope – Christian hope which makes us have that confidence in God, in his ultimate triumph, and in his goodness and love, which nothing can shake.” – Basil Hume
  6. “Our Lord has written the promise of resurrection, not in books alone, but in every leaf in springtime.” – Martin Luther
  7. “Easter is the demonstration of God that life is essentially spiritual and timeless.” – Charles M. Crowe

Poem About Jesus Death and Resurrection

The Easter Garden

In the garden where He lay,
The tomb now empty, rolled away,
The miracle of life restored,
And darkness shattered by His word.

The flowers bloom, the birds now sing,
For Christ has conquered death, our King,
The joyous message, we embrace,
His love and mercy, endless grace.

We gather ’round the Easter tree,
To celebrate His victory,
And in our hearts, His love we’ll share,
For He is risen, everywhere.

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The Promise of Spring

Upon the canvas of the sky,
A vibrant tapestry unfurls,
As winter’s grip begins to wane,
And whispers of the spring emerge.

The barren earth awakes once more,
In hues of green and colors bright,
The promise of new life abounds,
As winter’s shroud is cast aside.

An empty tomb stands testament,
To resurrection’s wondrous tale,
As Christ defeats the grip of death,
His love and mercy never fail.

For in this time of hope and light,
We celebrate the risen King,
And through our faith, we find our strength,
In Easter’s sweet and gentle spring.

Happy easter sunday poem 2023

Happy easter sunday poem 2023

A Prayer for Easter Morn

On Easter morn, with hearts aflame,
We gather here to praise Your name,
To thank You, Lord, for all You’ve done,
For sacrifice and love begun.

In quiet prayer, we seek Your face,
And ask for guidance, strength, and grace,
To live our lives as You’d intend,
With love and faith that never end.

On this day, as we rejoice,
Let us hear Your gentle voice,
Reminding us to share Your light,
And spread Your love both day and night.




Easter poems and Easter prayers are an integral part of the Christian faith. They offer a beautiful way to express the joy and hope of Easter, as well as to reflect on the themes of sacrifice, redemption, and resurrection. While they have been a part of Christian tradition for centuries, they remain as relevant today as ever. Easter poems and Easter prayers 2023 can help believers to connect with God and the message of Easter in a deep, meaningful way. They can also offer comfort and inspiration during difficult times, reminding us of the hope and joy that Easter brings.

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