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EPF Balance Check – Link, SMS, Online, Without UAN

EPF Balance Check Link, SMS, Online, Without UAN- The EPFO( Employee Provident Fund Organization) is a government-authorized body, regulated by the Ministry Of Labour And Employment. This organization was established in the year 1951. This organization encourages employers and employees to save a percentage of their salary, to be utilized after retirement!

What is UAN Number?

The UAN is a unique 12 digit code number through which any account holder can check their account balance. This number is given by EPFO to its account holders. But, what if you do not remember your unique number? What if you have lost it and can’t seem to find it anywhere? Then this article is for you! Keep reading to know how to check account balance without a UAN number!

But before that, let us take a look at the benefits of EPF!

Benefits Of EPF

In this section, we have jolted down the key benefits of saving money in an EPF fund.

EPF Balance Check

1. Financially stable after retirement

There are many employees who face economic downfall after retirement. With an EPF fund, the money saved during the employment period can be utilized after retirement, which helps in maintaining economic stability.

2. Save large sums of money in a short span of time

An EPF assists in saving a large sum of money in the short run. Additionally, they also pay interest rates to the person who has an EPF account, doubling up the profit!

3. Aids in emergency

Saving money I’m EPF account also helps the account holder in times of emergency, as the saved money can be utilized to meet his/ her requirements.

4. EPF balance check anytime and anywhere

Nowadays, it has become easier to check your EPF balance anytime and anywhere with just a few clicks! You can either send SMS, or can give missed calls, or can even use a variety of applications to check your EPF balance!

Having said all these, you must be wondering how to check your EPF balance! Well, no worries as we have got you covered! Head on to our next section to learn about EPF balance check!

How To Perform EPF Balance Check Without UAN Number?

As mentioned above, there are alternative ways to check your EPF balance, just with a few clicks, without using your UAN number. Let us learn about those alternative ways!

Now, one can check their EPF balance with the help of SMS, missed calls, by using the EPFO portal, or by using some online apps, without any UAN, from the comfort of their home! But, to avail of online services without UAN, one must link their KYC with their account and must be a registered user!

Now, let us quickly learn the steps of doing an easy EPF balance check without the use of UAN number.

EPF Balance Check Without UAN-  How To Check PF Balance With EPFO Portal

Step 1. As a first step, visit the EPFO portal, epfindia. gov. in and click on “ Click here to know your EPF account balance “.

Step 2. In the second step, you will get directed to epfoservices.in.epfo page and then visit the “ Member Balance Information “ section.

Step 3. Now choose the state you live in and enter EPF office name. Fill up other personal details like establishment code, account number, and other necessary details.

Step 4. Now, click on the option “ I agree”.

Step 5. In the last and final step, your money balance may be automatically displayed on the screen.

This system of EPF balance check falls under the online system of checking account balance. There is another way of checking the balance online, through the Umang App.

Checking EPF Balance Through Umang App

The Umang app has been launched recently by the Government of India to ease the checking of EPF balance by the account holders.  Here, one must note that the user must register themselves to avail their services online.

Now, let us quickly learn the steps to an EPF balance check using the Umang app.

Step 1. In the first step, go to the play store or app store and install the Umang app into your system.

Step 2. As a second step, click on the EPFO option and then click on “employee-centric services“.

Step 3. In the final step, you will be redirected to a page where you can see an option“ View Passbook “, and after clicking on the option, all your EPF money transactions along with your EPF balance can be seen.

You can also do the same process by opening the Umang app through chrome, etc.

These were some online methods to do an EPF balance check. But, not everyone has access to the internet. Some people cannot afford the cost of installing broadband, neither they can pay huge money each month to avail of internet service. For those sections, the Government of India has devised other methods to check their EPF balance. They are

  1. EPF balance check through SMS
  2. EPF balance check through missed call.

In this section, we have mentioned the steps to check EPF account balance through offline mode.

1. Checking EPF balance By SMS

To check your EPF balance offline without the use of UAN, ensure your KYC is linked to your account! Additionally, you should only use the mobile number which is registered in the EPFO.

Step 1. In the first step, go to the message box on your system and type a message requesting to check your EPF balance.

Step 2. In the next step, type EPFOHO UAN on your mobile screen.

Step 3. Then sent the message to 7738299899.

After the completion of the above-mentioned steps, your EPF balance will be updated to you.

If you are someone who does not prefer the English vocabulary, you may change the default language by using the individual code which refers to the vernacular languages.

2. Checking EPF balance through Missed Call

This is another offline method to do an EPF balance check, which does not need access to the internet. This is the easiest and most user-friendly step among all the above-mentioned steps. In this method also, do not forget to register your UAN number to the EPFO, to check the account balance without your UAN number.

Step 1. In the first step, you need to go to your call box and type the number


Step 2. In the second step, give a missed call on this number. Note that you must give a missed call from your registered mobile number only!

After the successful completion of the above-mentioned two steps, your EPF account balance will be successfully received by you, along with your last transaction details.


In this article, we have covered each and every possible detail to do an EPF balance check. We have mentioned four ways to check your EPF balance through your mobile phone. Hope this article will help you to check your EPF balance.

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