Our Pledge to Accuracy

At Osstet.co.in, building trust with our readers is vital. We promise to offer reporting that’s accurate, fair, and balanced. Our dedication to precision is unwavering.

Our idea of “due accuracy” means going beyond basics. We think about the topic, info type, and what readers expect in our quest for accuracy.

In every news piece, we aim to share the most accurate info backed by primary sources. We question claims, test assumptions, and challenge common beliefs. But sometimes, gray areas remain.

Standards for fact-checking change for different types of stories. For instance, getting facts right about an NGO’s work might differ from an investigative report.

To stay accurate, we stick to these rules:

Trustworthy Sources: All our info comes from solid sources with provable data. When we can’t go to the source, we credit where we found it.

Checking Claims: We work hard to verify what public figures or biased sources say. If we can’t check something, we tell you.

Fixing Mistakes: If we make mistakes, we fix them fast and tell you what changed.

No Misleading: We want accurate info, not fake stuff. If we mess up big time, we’ll tell you.

You Matter: We want your trust, so tell us if we mess up using the “Suggest A Correction” feature on our site.

Serious Fact-Checking: Our writers check facts carefully. Each piece gets checked before editors review it. This detailed process depends on how tricky or urgent the topic is.

Digging Deep: We talk to everyone involved in a claim to be sure it’s right.

Many Sources: We cross-check with lots of sources. If we only have one, it better be solid.

Data Truth: We explain how we get survey info. If there’s an issue, you’ll know.

Quick and Right: We give you right info fast, not half-truths.

Anonymous OK: We like on-the-record sources, but sometimes we use anonymous ones. We’ll tell you why.

Talking to Sources: We work with sources to be fair and right.

Everyone’s Voice: We want diverse views, not just big names.

Ask for Help: When we’re unsure, we ask experienced folks for advice.

User Stuff:

User info can be tricky. We check user details, especially when they’re biased. We label user stuff and stick to these rules:

Check the Source: We make sure online info is real. Sometimes, we ask people.

Facts, Not Gossip: We separate facts from rumors, especially online.

Check More: When we use internet info, we double-check.

We’ll always stay accurate, giving you true and trustworthy info.