Fans Bombard Reese Witherspoon After She Shares Rare Family Photos of Her 3 Kids

Fans Bombard Reese Witherspoon After She Shares Rare Family Photos of Her 3 Kids

It’s no secret that those famous Witherspoon genes are strong! Just take one look at Reese’s daughter, Ava, and there’s a good chance you’ll think you’re seeing double. The mother-daughter duo may be 23 years apart in age, but when they post on social media, fans are left stunned by their uncanny resemblance.

Recently have Where the Crawdads Sing The producer shared a personal look at the holidays at the Witherspoon house. Reese posted rare family photos on Instagram with the caption, “Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy Weekend from our family to yours! 🥰🎄✨.”

Now, before you reach for your reading glasses, remind yourself that there is nothing wrong with your vision and the girl with the cute ribbon braids is not the award-winning actress. That’s really Reese’s daughter Ava next to her brothers, Deacon, 19, and Tennessee, 10.

Reese’s fans quickly bombarded her comments section and swooned over the perfect family. People wrote: “What a wonderful party. 🎄🎄”, “Sweetest crew ever hope it was sprinkled with magic” and “Sweetest family 🏆🏆.”

The three children posed for a casual picture in front of their fireplace, perfectly decorated for Christmas and it Legally blonde the actress followed it up with a snapshot of the whole family together in front of their Christmas tree.

Reese stood next to her husband, Jim Toth, whom she married after splitting from Ryan Phillippe. The lovebirds got married in 2011 and have been inseparable ever since. The two have shared several posts together on social media, but we can’t help but wonder how awkward it will be watching Reese’s latest movie together.

The actress has officially returned to rom-coms and is sharing the screen with Ashton Kutcher in the upcoming Netflix original film titled Your place or mine. The film follows two best friends who are the exact opposite of each other. Although they shared a romantic past, they have always remained friends, but when the two briefly switch lives, they both realize that they may be missing something (or someone) in their lives.

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