Former ‘Real Housewife’ Katie Rost Hates Real Life, Wants Back On Reality TV ASAP

The previous Real Housewives of Potomac the star is tired of real life and has been begs Bravo for his job back on the hit show.

Katie Rost is not too proud

The former model and reality star hopeful shared with her Twitter followers that she’s not too proud to beg for, in this case, her job back at Bravo. She wrote on the bird app: “I’ve asked Andy Cohen to take me back, apologized, went to shul and said sorry,” she admitted.

“All that stuff. Radio silence. I have a lot going on that a lot of people can relate to and a lot HAS changed. I’m reliable. If they’re still casting. Hire me. I’m here. And I’m real. #RHOP for real,” she campaigned on.

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The former reality star Tweet received mixed reviews as some people mocked her for being so desperate. “You’ve done so well with your sobriety. Why on earth would you want to be on a show about battle and conflict? I think you and your sobriety are better off without it,” one follower wondered.

“It probably won’t happen after this either. Seems a bit eager and desperate,” another follower pointed out.

“Katie we love you and loved you on the show. However, this type of show is not good for you at all during your recovery. We want you well and strong. Stay away from this toxicity that can be harmful. Take care of Katie first !!! #rhop.”

Katie Rost clapped back

When Katie caught wind of the hate, she posted a follow-up message. “If you don’t speak up. You don’t understand. You might not understand someone’s every move. But you can’t despise a woman who has that flex. Under my wig. That’s a lot of bravery.”

Katie’s time on the show officially came to an end after she complained online about Andy not inviting her to the Season 4 reunion. Keep in mind that at the time, Katie was already a “friend of” and not a full-time cast member. It’s not common for a “Friend of” to show up at the reunion unless some real mess goes down.

From what we remember, after watching the season and subsequent marathon of the episodes on Bravo, Katie showed up to work unprepared, left trips at random, was incoherent most of the time, and ranted about her opinions, especially Ashley’s. Darby and her husband, Michael Darby.

She wrote that “Everyone knows I should be on that couch. You want to exploit my image and my life and not give me time to shine?”

Katie Rost brings back the hate

Katie later apologized for her actions towards Father Cohen and whoever she offended at the time. She claims her statements “were not cool before.” She also made her first appeal to get her job back.

“I want a job. And I swear I’ll behave myself. I’m also sorry for my tantrums. I feel no thirst. I just want to work.”

This plea comes as no surprise as Katie has admitted that she has to work a 9 to 5 job now at a local grocery store, Bethesda Co-op after finishing rehab.

“Jesus Christ, I started working, like a real job. I just got off minimum wage 8 hour shifts,” she shared on Twitter earlier this month.

“I feel like a real person instead of a reality TV person; I was making $14 an hour, … Keepin it real,” she writes.

Looks like “keeping it real” got too real for Katie. You don’t go from dating Russell Simmons to working in a co-op with acceptance and ease.

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