Girija Tickoo

Girija Tickoo Bio, Family, Real Story, Photo {Kashmiri Pandit Woman}

Girija Tickoo Bio, Family, Real Story, Photo, Age: The Kashmir Files directed by Vivek Agnihotri is creating the buzz around the country. This movie is based on the 1990’s real-life story of Kashmiri Pandits who were forced by the situation to migrate from the valley. This’s film’s main storyline is about Girija Tickoo‘s gang-rape and finally announced dead, even when she was alive.

Girija Tickoo
Girija Tickoo

Girija Tickoo Bio {Real Story}

Girija Tickoo Biography – Girija was a government school librarian, who was living in Kashmir. She got married to a pandit from Bandipora. At the age of 20, she was brutally raped and murdered by a gang of terrorists. Moreover, her husband was also killed during that time. This incident made everyone shiver and also brought angriness. 

This incident happened in the year 1990 when she went to collect her salary at Kashmir University in the valley. During that time, she went to her colleague’s Muslim reined and the gang of jihad terrorists kidnapped her and took her to somewhere which is an unknown place. That gang of people raped Girija and cut her body with a mechanical saw into two pieces when she was alive.

NameGirija Tickoo
Husband NameKanya Lal Tiku
Date of Birth15.2.1969
Date of Assassination11.6.1990
ResidenceArigam, Bandipora, Baramulla

The people over there watched Girija and her friend taken away and did not report to the police about the situation. That gang terribly tortured Girija and finally murdered her. Nobody could do anything at this incident and still, her family is seeking justice for the incident. The suffering of her family was literally felt by everyone in the country during that time. Also, this incident was made a movie by a film director and everybody appreciated the bold action of the director.

Family details of Girija Tickoo

Girija is basically from a pandit family who lived in Bandipora as a Hindu community. She was born on the 15th of February in the year 1969 and her demise happened to be on the 11th of June in the year 1990. She was working in Kashmir Valley. After sometimes her family relocated to Jammu due to the act of the Azadi Movement. Girija got married to Kanya Lal Tiku and had children. 

There were no particular details about the couples and the family or their children details. The tragedy took over their family all of a sudden and they kept quiet for three years. The real story which happened during that time was actually hidden by the public and also they did not bring it over to the concern for the people. Poor Girija has to face this tragic end in her early 20s which made the whole family sink in sadness for 3 decades. After a few years’ people literally started speaking about the incident which was brought up the filmmaker and he made his move on making this movie. 

Everything happened only because of the prejudice on the Kashmir pundits that liberated the terrorist attacks. The main reasons for her tragic end are all because of the terrorists who were watching her movements. They took it as a chance when arrived at her Muslim friend and literally kidnapped her. 

Real story happened with Girija Tickoo to be a movie

Vivek Agnihotri is the filmmaker who took the bold chance to take it as a movie and showed the world about real incidents. The fact about the incidents and the real aspect of the situation was brought into the movie.  The characters performed at their best to bring back real memories of the tragic situations.

It resulted in great success and the family of Girija Tickoo felt proud of her. They gave positive feedback and also commented and posted about the movie. The director was pleased to hear those good words from the family and they claimed the boldness of Girija.

Who was Girija Tickoo?

Girija is from a pandit family who was working as a government school librarian in Kashmir. She was brutally raped and murdered by the terrorists.

Who made this Kashmir incident a movie?

The Kashmir incident was made as a real movie by Vivek Agnihotri, who is a filmmaker. The title of the movie was The Kashmir Files. 

Are the Kashmir Files a rated?

Yes, the rating of the movies has been changed and some of the scenes have been removed, The final rating of the movie is 8.3/10.

Is a Kashmir file a real story?

Yes, this is a story that completely came out from a real incident that took place in the year 1990. 

What was Girija’s age when the tragic incident took place?

She was in her early 20s while facing the tragic end of her life. She has been tortured, raped, and cut down into two pieces when she was alive. 

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