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Hailey Bieber Is Loving Her Short Hair As She Experiments With Style In New Photos

Hailey Bieber, founder of Rhode Beauty, has been flaunting her short hairstyle to fans on social media. Despite the drama surrounding her alleged treatment of pop singer Selena Gomez, Bieber continues to showcase her hair in various styles.

In a recent update, the media personality debuted a half-parted updo with two mini knots on her bob-style haircut, accessorized with small braids and pink ribbons.

The post, shared with her 49.4 million Instagram followers, received plenty of attention for her stunning makeup, including pink eyeliner and glossy nude lipstick, as well as her stylish outfit of a white shirt and black leather jacket.

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Fans praised the model’s look in the comments section, with many noting the iconic nature of her hair. However, Bieber has lost over a million Instagram followers since accusations of her alleged mistreatment of Selena Gomez surfaced on TikTok in late February. Despite this, she has not commented on the matter.

Bieber’s initial decision to debut her daring bob cut had also drawn attention, with fans initially unsure about the dramatic change.

However, her various updates showcasing her hair in different styles have put any doubts to rest, and she continues to show that her short hairstyle can be versatile and stylish.

Bieber’s short hairstyle has certainly captured the attention of her followers, with many commenting on how beautiful she looks in each of her updates.

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Her latest post, featuring a half-parted updo with two mini knots, has particularly stood out, with fans gushing over her hair and makeup.

In addition to her stunning hairstyle, Bieber’s fashion sense and makeup skills have also been praised by her fans.

Her flawless makeup looks, including the pink eyeliner and glossy nude lipstick in her latest post, have left many in awe, while her stylish outfits have also been a hit among her followers.

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However, the model’s Instagram account has suffered a significant loss of followers since accusations of her alleged mistreatment of Selena Gomez surfaced on TikTok in late February.

Despite this, Bieber continues to showcase her short hairstyle and fashionable looks, proving that she remains a style icon for many.

Overall, Bieber’s ability to experiment with her short hair and showcase it in various styles has been impressive, and it is clear that her fans continue to be captivated by her fashion sense and beauty.

Despite the drama surrounding her, she remains a prominent figure in the fashion and beauty industry, and her short hairstyle has certainly played a role in solidifying her status as a style icon.

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