Hailie Jade And Fiancé Talk Engagement Story And Getting Eminem’s Blessing

It was time to spill the tea on all things engagement for Hailie Jade Scott and her fiance Evan McClintock. During a recent episode of Scott’s podcast, “Just a Little Shady,” the couple shared the story of their engagement and how McClintock got Scott’s famous dad’s blessing.

Scott’s longtime boyfriend asked for her hand in marriage on Feb. 4, and naturally, she said “yes.” So now the two are revealing how it all came together, from choosing the ring to asking Eminem for his approval.

Let’s talk commitment!

During a recent podcast episode premiering a new set, Scott and McClintock reveal all the behind-the-scenes details of their recent engagement.

Scott talked about how “peaceful” McClintock usually is and wanted to know if he was that peaceful and calm when he planned to pop the question. “You have to tell us all the details because honestly, I don’t know everything,” Scott said. “Can you tell me about this process? When did you get the ring? When did you know you were going to propose?”

McClintock explained that he was not so calm when planning, and it was early summer when he first seriously thought about emancipating. “That’s when I first started thinking about it, thinking about potential plans to do it,” he explained. “I got the ring the day after Christmas.”

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She then asked if he went into a store to pick out the ring or if he ordered it. “So, I was shopping around between Thanksgiving and Christmas. It was in the store,” he said. ended up with her sister helping him by telling him what he wasn’t going to get and pointing him in the right direction.

Evan revealed how he asked Eminem for his blessing

The conversation then turned to how they met, recounting how McClintock asked Eminem for his blessing. The couple have been dating for about six or seven years and ran in the same circles of friends before dating. The two then attended the same college before becoming a couple.

“It was a long time ago. We really officially started dating in college,” she said. “So, you went through the whole, you went through the whole process. You asked for permission, just like a family vacation, Scott said.

McClintock jumped in to tell his story. “Over the holidays I was just looking for an opportunity not to make it too obvious,” he said. “I saw your dad go down, I’m like, okay, I have to do it now or I won’t do it today, I have to schedule to do it some other time, so I followed him down.”

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Scott said she had no idea what was going on. “Thankfully, at the time when the engagement itself was planned, according to you, none of my friends gave me even the slightest hint,” she said. “It got to a point where I was like it wasn’t even on my mind because I thought I’m going to know if he’s planning it. Like I just thought I was going to find out, and it got to a point where I was like I don’t think he ever does.”

Hailie Jade shared the news of her engagement on Instagram

Scott shared his big news on Instagram with a carousel of photos from the night with the caption “casual weekend recap… 😭💗 2.4.23 💍 I love you @evanmcclintock11.”

Many of Scott’s followers commented to congratulate the couple and leave witty comments.

“I wonder if his knees were weak and his arms were heavy,” one person wrote. Another added, “Imagine having to ask the best rapper ever for his daughter’s hand in marriage… Boy you better treat her like a queen or there’s a whole album coming out that will ruin your life forever… ”

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