Hallmark Fans Urge Lacey Chabert to “Take Risk” With Jonathan Bennett in Hilarious Video

Hallmark Fans Urge Lacey Chabert to “Take Risk” With Jonathan Bennett in Hilarious Video

As much as we love seeing our favorite Hallmark stars on screen, there’s something about the behind-the-scenes footage that’s just so…fetch!

Hallmark stars Jonathan Bennett41, and Lacey Chabert40, gave fans a good laugh when they posted a video of themselves playing in the snow. In the short Instagram clip, shared on January 27, a nervous Lacey and Jonathan hold hands while bundled up in winter coats with piles of snow and lit evergreen trees behind them. It turned out that Jonathan convinced Lacey to fall back into the snow with him, despite her fear of getting hurt.

In case you were wondering, the duo was in Utah, along with other Hallmark co-stars like Wes Brown, Andrew Walker, Ashley Williams and Tyler Hynes, for the Sundance Film Festival. As the video continued, people saw Lacey and Jonathan burst into laughter when their “dip” didn’t quite go as planned.

Reacting to the funny snippet, fans couldn’t help but laugh as well. Moreover, many expressed their love for the former Mean girls co-player.

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“Die over here 😂👏🏻,” one person wrote in the Instagram comments. “I love this! You two are so funny and love life. Good for you! Take the risk Lacey it’s always worth it! 👏👏😉,” someone else said. “This made my day! 😂 ❤️ you both,” chimed in another person.

The two stars, who became friends back in 2004 while filming Mean girls, have had a long-term friendship that has lasted nearly 20 years, according to Jonathan’s caption. “This is what 19 years of friendship looks like, I convinced her it’s a ‘good idea’…🤣❤️,” he wrote.

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Jonathan Bennett says his ‘Mean Girl’ co-star Lacey Chabert is one of his ‘angels on earth’

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Plus, Jonathan isn’t shy when it comes to gushing over his close friend, even calling her one of his “angels on earth” in a Get access to Hollywood 2019 interview.

“There are certain people who come into your life and it’s never the same. 16 years ago this beautiful girl went shopping with me at the mall and I was blown away by her heart and her beauty,” he wrote Instagram in September 2020, commemorating their friendship. “She has stood by my side and been a beacon of light and love when I’ve felt lost. So today I just want to send her extra love for just being her. The world is better because you’re in it.”

As fans may know, Party of Five alum and Van Wilder the actor appeared in both Elevator girl and Anything is possible then theirs Mean girls debut, but we hope to see them reunite on screen again soon. Who is with us?

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