How to activate DND

How to Activate DND on Idea, Airtel, BSNL, and Vodaphone Networks?

How to Activate DND on Idea, Airtel, BSNL, and Vodafone Networks- DND is the abbreviation form of Do Not Disturb. It is an exceptional Regulation sent off by TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) to stay away from SMS/Calls from telecom clients, which a large number of us view as upsetting and care very little about those items.

As indicated by the new TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) rules, versatile numbers are enlisted with DND (Do Not Disturb), so you get no undesirable promoting SMS and calls from plugs.

Simultaneously, non-DND numbers will get a wide range of limited time and showcasing SMS/calls. In the event that the DND numbers get any such SMS/calls, they can enlist agreeable against source to TRAI.

How to Activate DND Service?

In the event that you needed to not receive any business messages or calls, i.e., for completely obstructed enrollment:

  • You can dial 1909 from your mobile and make the decisions you prefer.
  • Likewise, you can enroll by sending START 0 or START DND through SMS to 1909. Assuming you decide to get SMS on select classes or for to some degree hindered enrollment, you can send SMS in this configuration START < space>< inclination no > to 1909.
  • There are seven inclination numbers to browse:
  • Begin 0 – Fully obstructed
  • Begin 1 – Banking, Insurance, Financial Products, and charge cards
  • Begin 2 – Real Estate
  • Begin 3 – Education
  • Begin 4 – Health
  • Begin 5 – Consumer cars and goods
  • Begin 6 – It, Entertainment, Communication, and Broadcasting
  • Begin 7 – Leisure and Tourism

E.g.:- Perhaps, type ‘START 4 to 1909’ to receive HEALTH messages.

Likewise, you can incorporate more than one decision number like START 4,6 to get messages for more than one decision.

DND enactment administration requires seven working days.

For enacting your number to get DND, from your contact number, dial 1909 or send an SMS to the same as ‘Start DND.’

How to activate DND in airtel

Enacting DND in airtel is the most prominent method.

  • Ventures for airtel DND enactment are given underneath:
  • GO to the authority Airtel DND page, i.e.,
  • Select the “Snap here” connect on the Airtel portable administrations.
  • Enter the versatile number in the spring-up box.
  • Press the OTP button and get it.
  • Enter OTP.
  • Press “shut down all” before the “submit button.”

The procedures for activation of DND in Vodafone Idea

The interaction in Vodaphone Idea to enact DND.

While Idea and Vodaphone have combined to create Vodafone Idea, you need to actuate DND because of your telco.

Way For Activation of DND in Vodafone (via online)

Enacting DND through the web in Vodafone is much prominent.

  • Sign in to the Vodafone DND page, i.e.,
  • Put your number
  • Press on send OTP
  • Put the OTP
  • Enter essentials like your email and name.
  • Choose full DND or choose the respective locations so that you forestall getting limited-time messages.
  • Press ‘submit.’

Procedures for initiating DND on Vodafone via SMS or call

You can likewise enact DND on Vodafone through SMS or call.

Through the number 1909, send START 0. It will be enacting the whole DND on your phone number.

For enacting the whole DND and following IVR prompts, you can dial 1909.

The most effective method to enact ATM card and ATM Pin age in SBI

The most effective method to enact DND in Idea by means of SMS or call

Instructions for Activation of ATM Pin Generation & ATM Card in SBI

SBI issues various kinds of charge cards to its clients. ATM cards were utilized earlier to go with their PINs, yet an ATM card is sent nowadays. Subsequently, a client needs to enact their SBI charge card isolated utilizingthe Green PinInitiative. There are just four unique routes through which you can empower your SBI ATM card.

  • Doing an SMS
  • Moving toward SBI Debit card institution number
  • Going to ATM
  • Net Banking

SMS is the best technique to activate a debit card of SBI

You have to send an SMS from your number. Open messages and afterward type PIN (give a space) Put Debit Card’s Last four digits (give space) Put Bank Account Number’s last four digits and send the text message to 567676.

Ways for activation of DND in Idea via call or SMS

TRAI’s recommended strategy to empower DND on Idea is sending an SMS or settling on a telephone decision. A straightforward strategy function admirably. It would be best to have your Idea SIM card dynamic on any telephone to follow these means.

Through to the number 1909, send START 0. It will be enacting the whole DND on your phone number.

For enacting the whole DND & for following IVR prompts, you can dial 1909.

Perhaps, this is the cycle for actuating DND via call or SMS.

Ways for Activation of DND in BSNL

The interaction for How to actuate DND in BSNL is given underneath.

From Your BSNL phone number, text an SMS “Begin DND″ or “Begin 0” and send to 1909. To obstruct limited time messages and require the particular classification, send SMS “Begin” and send it to 1909 to enroll your inclination for getting specific classifications. Then again, you can enroll through our committed IVR at 1909 from your Bsnl versatile or landline telephone.

Check DND status

In the event that you want to check regardless of whether your number is enrolled with DND, then, at that point, follow the given advances:

  • Visit
  • Click on the “client enrollment status” connect
  • Enter your versatile number.
  • Click on the ‘search choice.
  • The outcome will be shown.

How to De-register from DND

In India, you can de-register from DND by messaging or calling 1909 to stop DND. It shifts from one transporter to another but stops DND chips away at all transporters.

You want to stand by something like 90 days from the initiation date to deactivate DND on your number in India.


How can I Deactivate DND?

Type ‘STOP 0’ and send this message SMS to 1909 from your versatile enrolled number, or you can call 1909 to begin or stop the DND administration. You can continuously contact client care from your number too.

How lengthy will it take to initiate a DND administration?

It relies upon your versatile organization administration administrator. It will be quickly actuated in specific organizations, and in certain organizations, it requires four days to seven days to begin the DND administration on your portable number.

Is DND Service free?

Indeed. The DND administration is free. You don’t need to pay a solitary penny for actuating the DND administration to enlist your number.

Is the DND administration empowered, of course?

No. To initiate the DND administration, you need to begin with enrolling your number by sending SMS ‘START 0’ to 1909.

Would the customer service be able to mind chief assist with initiating the DND administration on my phone number?

The customer service support leaders have the authorization to actuate or deactivate the DND administration on your number.

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