Iggy Azalea poses in the press room

Iggy Azalea Reveals That Britney Spears Was ‘Limited’ During Collaboration

Iggy Azalea spilled the beans on WWHL

The “Fancy” rapper appeared on the talk show last night where she was asked by Cohen if she would be open to working with the pop singer again and she was quick to say yes! But she had certain requirements.

“Would I be interested, yes, of course. My collaboration with her is always one of my favorite collaborations,” she recalls of the song “Pretty Girls” that she and Iggy collaborated on in 2015.

Iggy Azalea arrives at the Fashion Nova
Iggy Azalea arrives at the Fashion Nova

Iggy reminded fans that she has been very vocal about wanting to work with Britney again and even about her conservatorship. “I’ve talked about this before; I just feel like there was so much we wanted to do with it that we never got to. We never got to do everything we wanted.”

Iggy Azalea has spoken to Britney Spears

The rapper shared that her friendship with Britney is intact. “I’ve been in touch,” she confirmed. “We talk on Instagram sometimes. She messages me and I message her back and everything.

As for all the stuff they never got to do, Iggy clarifies that statement when Andy probes and asks “like what?”

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“Just out more,” she claims. “She was so limited obviously. And now that she has the ability to do it 100 percent,” she’s down. Iggy also praised Brit for her creativity and how good she is at her job, when she gets the chance.

Iggy Azalea poses in the press room
Iggy Azalea poses in the press room

“I love Britney and she’s so much more creative than people give her credit for, like what she did with Elton [John] was fantastic. I’d love to be a part of more of anything that she had to do, especially when they’re 100 percent her own ideas.”

Andy was so down, “I’d love to see it too,” he said excitedly. The co-guest, James Kennedy to Vanderpump Rules was also excited about new music from Iggy and Britney, he remixed “Black Widow” a few years ago and it got some traction for the DJ.

Iggy Azalea had a bizarre experience with Jamie Spears

While the video for “Pretty Girls” was bright, colorful and fun, the vibes behind the scenes were a mess. Iggy shared her experience working with Britney’s dad Jamie Spears and how weird and demanding he was over Britney and trying to boss around Iggy.

“During the time we worked together in 2015, I personally witnessed the same behavior that Britney described regarding her father last week and I just want to back her up and tell the world that: she is not exaggerating or lying.”

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She went on to call the conservatorship “abuse” and said Britney had “weird” restrictions on her such as limiting her reading intake and Jamie bossing her into signing a non-disclosure agreement.

“This is not right at all,” she tweeted at the time. It looks like years later, Iggy has kept the same energy. Too bad music is no longer something that Iggy focuses on.

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