Instagram Model Cindy Prado Applies Tanning Mousse On Her Bikini Body

Cindy Prado uploads an alluring Instagram video for her 2.7 million followers to enjoy!

Cindy Prado stuns in Bikini
Cindy Prado stuns in Bikini

The Cuban beauty took to her social media account and showed fans what goes on behind the scenes. Although Prado may seem to spend most of her time sunbathing, she also loves using tanning products to perfect her golden glow.

Talking to her sun-kissed skin

Prado’s video came from an indoor bathroom. The FHM model was seen standing against the tiled walls. Although at the beginning of the clip she introduced her favorite product by holding the tanning mousse close to the lens.

Cindy Prado beach
Cindy Prado beach

The 31-year-old was seen applying the product herself with a black glove – rubbing it onto her body. She worked on her toned midriff first – walking in circles – before pulling the thin strap of her thong. Prado then moved on to her pearlescent rear, which she proudly showed off for the camera. She then applied the product to her thighs and then her arms.

How Cindy Prado Achieves the Perfect Tan

Of course, the influencer did not forget her neck and breasts. She even moved the straps of the top to cover all areas. The application appeared to be complete when Prado did front, back and side poses. She heated things up further by tugging on her bikini bottoms – pulling down the waistband to show off her flawless fit.

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A total smoke show in her bikini

Model Cindy Prado
Instagram | Cindy Prado

Prado sizzled in a tiny black bikini that complemented her gorgeous tan. The skimpy swimwear included a classic halter-style top with triangle cups. Its thin straps were tied tightly behind her neck and around her chest. It also had a plunging neckline that showed off an ample amount of cleavage.

The bombshell’s matching bikini bottoms were just as risque. However, her audience didn’t seem bothered by the scandalous display of skin. The garment featured a boldly cheeky design that showcased Prado’s curvaceous hips and sculpted thighs while teasing a glimpse of her curvy pant. Its side straps were stretched to her waist, highlighting her flat stomach and abs.

Prado pulled her blonde locks up into a bun but left a few tendrils of hair hanging to frame her face. She also added a host of gold accessories, such as bracelets and a pair of hoop earrings to add some bling to the look

Her favorite tanning produc

“It’s the one you’ve been waiting for! 🙌🏻” wrote Prado in the caption.

She also revealed that her tanning product came from SOSU Cosmetics, specifically using the “@drippinggold Ultra Dark Mousse.”

Prado noted that the item “is back and better than ever!” adds, “Filled with the same skin-loving ingredients, enjoy beautifully bronzed, glowing skin 🥰”

The fans are impressed

Instagram | Cindy Prado

As of today, the post has accumulated more than 8,400 likes. Dozens of fans also flocked to the comments section to shower Prado with compliments.

“Well, I can’t say I’ve been keen to put on someone else’s mitts😅…until now,” wrote one.

“You’re so beautiful,” gushed another admirer.

“What a gorgeous woman and body,” said the third user.

“Like I said before, you are the most beautiful and sexiest woman alive,” the fourth commenter explained.

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