Is 'Cocaine Bear' a True Story? What to Know About the Events That Inspired the Horror Film

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In the age of horror movies, fans enjoy seeing unique spins on the heart-pumping genre. Plus, with hits like Knock on the cottage, it can sometimes feel like these types of movies have to have a fictional premise in order to succeed. Well, one such title chooses to push the envelope on classic tropes, and that’s the recently released one Cocaine bear.

Produced and directed by Elizabeth Banks, Cocaine bear follows an American black bear who ingests cocaine after it is accidentally released into the air in the Georgia wilderness. As a result, the animal goes on a drug-induced rampage through a nearby small town, and a ragtag group decides to band together to not only survive the destruction the mammal leaves in its wake, but also collect the remains.

The premise of the film seems so out there it sounds like it came from a fiction novel. In addition, a group of familiar faces appear in it, like Keri Russell, Jesse Tyler Ferguson and the late Ray Liotta in one of his last films before his death in May 2022. But contrary to popular belief, the events of Cocaine bear is based on real events. The true story actually stretches back four decades.

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According to Entertainment Weekly, Cocaine bear was inspired by a real encounter in Blue Ridge, Georgia, in December 1985. At the time, a group of investigators were trying to find drugs stolen by an airborne smuggler in the Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forest. After an initial search, only two out of three bags were found. The last one was never found.

In a twist, the police discovered 40 packages of cocaine were torn open in the territory, with each individual piece reportedly holding a kilo. The store further reported that the amount of drugs found at the time was worth what would have been $20 million worth of product.

But that wasn’t all. One Unbiased Press the article added that they found a black bear dead as well. Additionally, officials believed the cause of death was from consuming “multi-million dollar worth of cocaine”.

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Despite the wild origin Cocaine bear, the film may not be completely in line with all the real details. As Insider reported, both Elizabeth and the screenwriter James Warden used the story as a way to create a more violent version of events. So it’s important to remember that even though the movie is inspired by a real situation, not everything is true.

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