malone on fire

Jena Malone’s ‘Hunger Games’ Success ‘Tied’ To This ‘Traumatic’ Event

malone on fire
malone on fire

Jena Malone chose a great photo

“This photo was taken right after I wrapped mocking Jay part two and I had to say goodbye to everyone on set. We were shooting at a beautiful property in the French countryside and I asked the driver to let me out in this field so I could cry and capture this moment,” she recalls.

Jena Malone’s traumatic moment

“Although this time in Paris was extremely difficult for me, going through a bad breakup and also being sexually assaulted by someone I had worked with,” she writes in a relaxed tone. “I was so full of gratitude for this project, the people I became close to and this amazing role I got to play. A swirling mix of emotions I’m only now learning to sort through.”

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The trauma was a lot for Jena, so much so that she hadn’t even realized how serious it was getting. “I wish it wasn’t connected to such a traumatic event for me, but that’s the true wildness of life I guess. How to keep the chaos with the beauty.”

Jena did not reveal who attacked her but she referred to them as a friend and told them that she is healing even if it takes a minute.

Jena Malone struggles to embrace ‘Hunger Games’

The actress insisted that the post is not about grief as she is taking back control and healing more and more every day. “I’ve worked very hard to heal and learn through restorative justice, how to make peace with the person who wronged me and make peace with myself,” she says of her healing process.

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As for the movie, Jena still struggles to accept the movie and actually embrace the good times or even talk about the movie in a positive light.

“It’s been hard to talk about The Hunger Games and Johanna Mason without feeling the intensity of this moment, but I’m ready to go through it and recapture the joy and accomplishment I felt.”

Whatever strength Jena has, she hopes to share it with other survivors. “Much love to you survivors out there. The process is so slow and non-linear. I want to say that I am here for anyone who needs to talk or vent or open uncommunicated spaces within themselves. Please dm me if you need a safe space to be heard.

Now this is a good reason to slide into someone’s DMs.

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