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Justin Bieber Accused Of Shading Ex Selena Gomez With Cryptic Quote Amid Her Feud With His Wife Hailey

Fans don’t sound Justin Bieber getting away with what appears to be a shade of his former girlfriend, Selena Gomez. The singer gave the participants at his birthday celebration a souvenir with a cryptic message.

The gesture was described as “petty” by fans, with several commenting that the singer was “still living in the past”. The controversy surrounding the souvenir further fanned the flames surrounding Selena’s ongoing drama with Justin’s partner, Hailey Bieber.

Justin Bieber in news
Justin Bieber in news

Justin Bieber’s cryptic message

Justin upset fans after he appeared to shade his ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez, with whom he had an on-and-off romance that spanned from 2010 to 2018.

The singer, who is now married to model Hailey Bieber, threw a huge party to turn 29 this weekend, celebrating with his closest pals including Leon Bridges, Billie Eilish and The Kid LAROI.

Unsurprisingly, Selena was not in attendance at the shindig as the two have mostly avoided each other since their split, and more so through Justin’s marriage to Hailey.

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But amid the lavish festivities, Justin raised eyebrows when he gave attendees a souvenir that had a cryptic message, “I’m so thankful I didn’t get what I thought I wanted.”

Although he didn’t explain why he had the statement etched on the souvenir, fans immediately assumed it was a jab at his ex, who is currently embroiled in an online feud with Hailey.

Fans are blasting Justin and Hailey Bieber

Fans expressed their views on the gesture on Twitter, describing it as “petty” and claiming the “Intentions” crooner was “brainwashed.”

One fan said: “This is so petty, I mean if that’s how you and your wife feel keep that small talk to yourselves lol and please don’t mention anyone’s name or say ‘who’ to understand exactly what they’re talking about.”

Another follower commented, “He seems very controlled and brainwashed just saying,” while a third wrote: “This gift says I’m still living in the past.”

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Some fans took a different stance, defending the singer’s actions as he was grateful for how far he has come. One supporter said: “How do people not realize he’s just grateful for the life he has and not ending up with the kind of life he thought he wanted?”

Another wrote, “can’t believe people are taking this negatively. Justin says he’s thankful for the life he has the way it is.”

Selena Gomez tells fans to be nicer

Amid the social media outrage, Selena took to TikTok to seemingly address the issue as she asked her fans to “be kind.”

“Thank you and love you all so much. I am deeply grateful for each and every one of you people. You make me incredibly happy,” the singer captioned a clip of herself doing a make-up tutorial, per Daily mail.

She added, “Please be kinder and consider the mental health of others. My heart has been heavy, and I just want the best for everyone. All my love.”

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She later took to the platform to share that she was taking a break from the internet and hinted that she couldn’t handle all the drama.

For now, both her TikTok and Instagram accounts are still up, although it’s unclear if the singer has come online to keep up with the trends.

Selena Gomez and Hailey Bieber’s ongoing drama

Selena’s decision to take a short break may have been influenced by her ongoing feud with Hailey. The most recent spat between the two came last month when Selena shared a TikTok video of her over-laminated eyebrows.

Soon after, Kylie Jenner, a friend of Hailey’s, posted a screenshot of her FaceTime conversation with the model that showed a close-up of both of their eyebrows.

Many believed it was a sly dig at Selena at the time, but Kylie dismissed the rumors as unfounded and denied the allegations.

Previously, Selena fueled their argument by standing up for pal Taylor Swift after a video that appeared to show Hailey dissing the “All Too Well” singer resurfaced.

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