Kelly Clarkson Fans Are Totally Taken Aback by 'The Voice' Star Singing a Cher Song

Kelly Clarkson Fans Are Totally Taken Aback by 'The Voice' Star Singing a Cher Song

Kelly Clarkson’s fans know she can sing absolutely anything. She proves this talent time and time again on her daily talk show with her Kellyoke renditions of popular songs.

The “Since U Been Gone” singer has covered everyone from Faith Hill and Alanis Morissette to Toni Braxton and Dolly Parton.

Kelly even made an album of her best Kellyoke songs, and this cover deserves a spot on her next episode. In her latest performance, she tackled Cher’s 1998 disco hit “Strong Enough,” and Kelly’s powerful rendition brought the crowd to their feet.

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Kelly Clarkson cover “Strong Enough” by Cher | Kellyoke

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Fans left words of praise and appreciation for Kelly’s performance:

  • “Is there anything this beautiful person can’t sing?!”
  • “Ommmg this cover slays! Please make this a single! I could listen to this over and over again!”
  • “This brought tears to my eyes️ So beautiful. Thank you Kelly. As always you are amazing.”
  • “From the first note I was mesmerized. I’ve heard this song many times, but never like this.”
  • “She could sing in the shower and win a Grammy. Her voice is just ready to cry”

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Fans will be seeing a lot more of Kelly soon as the former american idol champ goes back to The voice when the show returns for season 23 on March 6. She will resume her coaching duties alongside Blake Shelton (in its final season), former One Direction star Niall Horanand Chance the Rapper.

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