KGF 2 Total Box Office Collection

KGF Chapter 2 Total Box Office Collection: India, Overseas, Rights & Earning

KGF Chapter 2 Total Box Office Collection:-KGF 2 is the sequel of KGF Chapter 1 which was released in 2018. Like the prequel itself, the movie is making headlines around the globe and in India in terms of Box Office Collection. It has dwarfed the Shahid Kapoor Starring Jersey which only made 14 crores in box office collection. In this article, I will tell you all about the movie and its performance at the box office.

KGF 2 Total Box Office Collection
KGF 2 Total Box Office Collection

KGF Chapter 2 Total Box Office Collection

KGF Chapter 2 was a sequel to its previous version which was released in 2018. It is directed by Prashant Neel. It has Yash as the lead actor and Raveena Tandan, Prakash Raj, Sanjay Dutt, and Shrinidhi Shetty in it. The movie comes under the action thriller category and has lots of it. KGF is an abbreviation of Kolar Gold Fields and the story runs around the gold mines and the mafia that is controlling these mines. I will not share any spoilers here so you can relax and enjoy this movie in the cinemas yourself.  

The movie was released in Hindi, Telugu, Malayalam, Tamil, Kannada, and English around the globe. It had a budget of 100 crores and made the fans wait for 4 years. The movie rights were distributed by Prithviraj Productions, AA Films, Excel Entertainments, and Vaaraahi Chalan Chitram to a global audience. After the release of the movie on the 14th of April, it has rocked the Indian Cinema and made us proud with its global performance.

KGF 2 Total Collection India

KGF Chapter 2 had a bumper start in cinemas and it is still holding the momentum. All around the country first-day shows were pre-booked. In its first week, KGF Chapter 2 made 720.31 crores in the box office collection. It has broken many Box office records and is the 4th highest-grossing movie made in India. 

The movie is in its 2nd week and is close to entering the 1000 crore club. In its 2nd week, it has made 30.18 crores, 26.09 crores, 42.15 crores, 64.83 crores, and 23 crores consecutively in 5 days. From the looks of it, the movie is holding terrifically at Box Office and will break many other records.  It is moving close to Dangal’s box office collection.

KGF Chapter 2 Day Wise Collection

DayIndia Net CollectionChange(+/-)
Day 1 (1st Thursday)Rs. 116 Cr (Ka: 22.85 Cr, Hindi: 53.95; Mal: 4.9, Ta: 7.9, Te: 26.4)
Day 2 (1st Friday)Rs. 90.5 Cr (Ka: 14.41 Cr ; Hindi: 46.79; Mal: 4.1; Ta: 8.2; Te: 17)-21.98%
Day 3 (1st Saturday)Rs. 81.9 Cr (Ka: 11.7 Cr ; Hindi: 42.9; Mal: 5.3; Ta: 8.5; Te: 13.5)-9.50%
Day 4 (1st Sunday)Rs. 91.75 Cr (Ka: 13.5 Cr ; Hi: 50.35; Mal: 5.4; Ta: 8.5; Te: 14)12.03%
Day 5 (1st Monday)Rs. 50 Cr (Ka: 8.23 Cr ; Hi: 25.57; Mal: 3.95; Ta: 5.35; Te: 6.9)-45.50%
Day 6 (1st Tuesday)Rs. 37.8 Cr (Ka: 6.06 Cr ; Hi: 19.14; Mal: 3.2; Ta: 4.7; Te: 4.7)-24.40%
Day 7 (1st Wednesday)Rs. 30.9 Cr (Ka: 4.75 Cr ; Hi: 16.35; Mal: 2.5; Ta: 4; Te: 3.3)-18.25%
Day 8 (2nd Thursday)Rs. 24.9 Cr (Ka: 3.97 Cr ; Hi: 13.58; Mal: 2; Ta: 3.3; Te: 2.05)-19.42%
Day 9 (2nd Friday)Rs. 23.35 Cr (Ka: 4.34 Cr ; Hi: 11.56; Mal: 1.7; Ta: 3.5; Te: 2.25)-6.22%
Day 10 (2nd Saturday)Rs. 36.45 Cr (Ka: 6.25 Cr ; Hi: 18.25; Mal: 2.2; Ta: 5.9; Te: 3.85)56.10%
Day 11 (2nd Sunday)Rs. 45.35 Cr (Ka: 8.47 Cr ; Hi: 22.68; Mal: 2.4; Ta: 7.3; Te: 4.5)24.42%
Day 12 (2nd Monday)Rs. 17.1 Cr (Ka: 3.12 Cr ; Hi: 8.28; Mal: 1.2; Ta: 2.85; Te: 1.65)-62.29%
Day 13 (2nd Tuesday)Rs. 14.9 Cr (Ka: 2.77 Cr ; Hi: 7.48 Cr; Mal: 0.9 Cr; Ta: 2.45 Cr; Te: 1.3 Cr)-12.87%
Day 14 (2nd Wednesday)Rs. 11.9 Cr (Ka: 2.15 Cr ; Hi: 6.25 Cr; Mal: 0.7 Cr; Ta: 1.85 Cr; Te: 0.95 Cr)-20.13%
Day 15 (2nd Thursday)Rs. 10.00 Cr * may earn
Total CollectionRs. 682.80 Cr

KGF 2 Weekly Collection – Earning Report

WeekIndia Net IncomeChange(+/-)
Week 1 CollectionRs. 523.75 Cr (Ka: 85.47 Cr ; Hi: 268.63; Mal: 31.35; Ta: 50.45; Te: 87.85)
Week 2 CollectionRs. 180 Cr – Expected*

KGF 2 Total Collection Overseas

KGF is packed with action, thriller, and emotions that will give you goosebumps. Although it had mixed reviews from here and there I suggest we find out ourselves. Go to your nearest cinema and watch KGF Chapter 2.

KGF 2 Overseas RightsOverseas Net IncomeChange(+/-)
KGF 2 Total Overseas Collection$20.75 million (Rs.158 crores) approx

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