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Kim K’s Trainer Senada Greca In Bikini Works Her Abs Hanging From A Boat

Fitness trainer Senate Grecathe new training coach for Kim Kardashian took to social media to show off some of the craziest workouts she’s done over the years!

In one of his latest Instagram posts, Zentoa’s founder has been training with a goat and in the rain, but perhaps even more impressively, doing crunches while hanging off the side of a boat in a bikini!

Kim Kardashian’s trainer Senada Greca did crunches hanging off the side of a boat in a bikini!

In one of her latest Instagram videos, the popular fitness trainer gave her Instagram followers “20 seconds of crazy workouts in beautiful places.” Some of the exercises included her squatting with a goat, hanging off the side of a boat by her feet to do crunches, hanging from a tree, crawling through the sand and trying to stand on a surfboard!

“20 seconds of my craziest workouts in beautiful places. Who was here for these???” she wrote in the caption. “The point of the story, and why all these workouts came about, where there’s a will, there’s always a way. And it doesn’t hurt to have fun while you’re at it.”

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Kim Kardashian

One fan asked, “Omg, that’s some high intensity interval training you’re doing. Looks amazing, great body, great performance, agility, beautiful scenery and I love the goat pic, loved the goat being lifted off the ground and carried around?” Senada replied, “The goat loved it. Her name was Nellie. She was so happy. I think it gave her a break from being on her feet. Lol.”

“Wow… those on the boat/ship just look painful but you are a powerhouse! Your posts always lift me up and push me through my hardest days,” commented another follower. Senada replied, “It really wasn’t easy. But always a fantastic experience. So happy to help lift.”

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Senada doesn’t just provide workout inspiration… She also shares healthy recipes!

In another recent Instagram post, the social media sensation shared her recipe for healthy protein brownies with her millions of Instagram followers.

To the tune of Mariah Carey’s “It’s A Wrap,” Senada guides her followers through making the recipe while showing off her chiseled abs in a black sports bra. In the caption, Senada wrote, “Protein Brownies … 2 ingredients only … so good. Feel free to add any toppings like chocolate chips, walnuts, berries, etc.”

Kim Kardashian

“This recipe is so easy to make and has for a few days as a snack or post-workout snack,” she added before giving her followers the instructions: “Beat 5 egg whites until you see peaks. Save the yolk. NOTE to self: buy and use an immersion blender. Mix the egg yolks slowly. Add 1 cup of nut butter, or mix peanut or almond butter with cocoa.”

Senada said she doesn’t like things overly sweet so she didn’t add any other sweeteners; however, she added walnuts and chocolate chips to this batch. Once those ingredients are mixed together, Senada bakes them for 30 minutes at 350 degrees, checking every so often with a toothpick.

A fan in the comments asked if they could add protein powder and it was great that they did! Those who watched the video realized that there were more than two ingredients that Senada incorporated into her brownies!

Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian

“Hey beautiful. Yes. I actually added protein powder,” Senada revealed, noting that this was still an optional addition. In the video itself, she added 40 grams of chocolate protein powder. She blamed it on jet lag from traveling back and forth from Miami to Los Angeles so often now that she trains “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” star Kim Kardashian!

Other followers seemed more shocked that she ate the middle bite of the brownies first! “Taking that piece from the middle works on my OCD,” one fan commented. “I got goosebumps when I saw the cut from the center piece,” wrote another follower. “Who eats the middle one first?” asked another fan.

Interested in more training videos from Senada Greca? In another recent Instagram post, she worked out by the pool, flaunting her chiseled abs in a drawstring bikini. Fans can check out these drills by clicking here!

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