Kindly Myers Horse Bikini

Kindly Myers Goes For A Ride On The Beach In Her Tiny Bikini

In her latest Instagram post, the ex-soldier and popular model shared a trio of sultry photos showing her riding a horse along the beach at sunset in a skimpy bikini!

Kindly Myers Horse Mexico Bikini
Kindly Myers Horse Mexico Bikini

Please Myers in her tiny bikini riding a horse on the beach at sunset

In another recent Instagram post, the Army National Reserve veteran put on a steamy display while riding a horse in a tiny brown bikini. Her long blonde hair spills over one shoulder as she smoulders for the shot and pouts her glossy pink lips at the camera.

She sits atop a horse as she rides along a beach in Mexico as the sun sets in the background. The Nashville-based model has a few horses of her own back home in Tennessee, but fans love to see her on horseback whenever they can!

Kindly Myers Pink Bikini
Kindly Myers Pink Bikini

Please live your dream of riding on the beach!

In a second sultry snap, the Playboy Playmate gave her fans another look at her riding horse, holding on to the saddle in front of her. Please tag Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco as her current location. In the caption, she wrote: “Every day I wake up and [live] my dream… how did I get so lucky?”

She also tagged @fotoanguiano, @andi_bagus, and @universe137studiosofficial for helping bring the shoot to life. Fans and famous friends couldn’t help but jump over her latest photos, featuring the popular OnlyFans model Courtney Annbetter known as Texas Thighs, commented, “I feel the same way.”

Kindly Myers Horse Bikini
Kindly Myers Horse Bikini

Fans can’t stop gushing over her cute and dirty snaps!

In the third and final photo of her Instagram carousel, the former “Babes In Toyland” host dismounted the horse and snuggled next to it as she posed for the camera. Her large ‘Invictus’ tattoo is clearly visible along her left flank as she flaunts her sunny buns and sun-kissed tan for her final photo.

“This is beautiful,” commented one fan. “Lucky horse,” said another follower. “You are beautiful and the most amazing woman I know,” gushed a third fan. “Such an amazing picture. You and your horse are a match made in heaven. You look stunning and exude pure beauty and it’s a pleasure to witness,” another follower shared.

Falling gracefully to the floor in their white underwear

In another recent Instagram post, the popular OnlyFans model showed off her sunny buns in one of her most interesting positions yet! She is lying on her stomach from the end of a chair. Her knees are still on top of the chair as her body slides off the end. Kindly has her head resting on the carpeted floor, her face turned towards the camera as her blonde hair flows out around her.

Her large “Invictus” tattoo can be seen inked along her left flank through the straps of her three-piece lingerie set. In a second photo, Kindly turned around to lie on her back and put on a busty display for her followers as she showed off the sheer floral accents in her white lingerie. The definition of her toned stomach is evident in this photo as she shares her glossy pink lips for the shot.

The Nashville-based model tagged Salt Lake City, Utah, as her location for this shoot. In the caption, she wrote, “Feeling really cozy.” She tagged @jpaullphoto for the amazing photos and @honeybirdette for the amazing floral underwear. Many fans showered her post with red heart emojis, including the Tiger King himself, Joe Exotic.

Many of her 3.6 million Instagram followers couldn’t help but joke about her pose. “Ahh I’ve done it… tried to get off the couch quickly and got my foot stuck in the blanket too. No shame in that,” joked one fan. “Really? It’s a lot for me to take in at once. Great picture,” said another follower. “Always so creative, honey,” gushed a third fan.

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