Kindly Myers Pink Bikini

Kindly Myers Is ‘Locked And Loaded’ In Camo Bra And Tactical Gear

Model Please Myers is locked and loaded!

The ex-soldier and popular model decided to show off his insane finger discipline in a photo shoot with one of his biggest guns to date!

Please Myers brings out his big gun for a steamy new shoot

In another recent Instagram post, the Army National Reserve veteran posed in his tactical gear for an absolutely stunning photo shoot. Her blonde hair was tied back and out of her face as she posed with a large black rifle slung over one shoulder.

It appears to be a variant of the M240 machine gun, also known as a Squad Automatic Weapon for its portability, weighing 25 pounds instead of a traditional machine gun, which can weigh over a hundred pounds!

Kindly Myers Horse Mexico Bikini
Kindly Myers Horse Mexico Bikini

She wore a dark camo black bra along with camo pants and a tactical belt. She was wearing gray gloves with black lining and had no firearm strapped to her thigh holster.

She tagged her hometown of Nashville, Tennessee as the location for the photos. Her caption was a bit controversial, as she wrote, “My pronouns are try/me.” She also tagged @thomas_prusso_photography for the amazing photos that really bring out the definition in her toned stomach.

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“Now that’s hot,” one fan commented. “Why is a chick with a gun so sexy?” asked another follower. “Amazing abs,” gushed a third fan. “This is such a hot shoot!!!” exclaimed another follower. “Absolutely gorgeous woman,” another fan commented. “Just when I thought you couldn’t get any sexier, you go and do something like this,” another follower agreed.

Kindly Myers Horse Bikini

“Locked and loaded,” said another fan. “Stacked and packed,” another follower added. “Now where is that dirty wabbit?” teased another fan. “Trigger finger discipline is hot,” another follower shared. “A woman is just so much more beautiful and attractive wearing camo, draped in red, white and blue and/or holding a gun,” another fan wrote.

Some users simply wrote “Unfollow” but that doesn’t seem to make a dent in Kindly’s 3.6 million Instagram followers!

Please crumble in her pink pineapple bikini

In another Instagram post, the popular OnlyFans model put on a steamy display in her pink pineapple bikini. Looking sweetly down at the camera, she let her long blonde hair fall over one shoulder as she pursed her glossy pink lips at the camera. The definition of her toned abs is clearly visible as she shows off her large ‘Invictus’ tattoo inked along her left flank.

Feel free to tag Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco in Mexico as the location for these sultry snaps. In the caption, she wrote, “Muchas smooches” as she tagged @universe137studiosofficial, and @bokabikini for helping her pull off this steamy shoot.

“So beautiful, wow!” a fan gushed. “Holy wowsers,” agreed another follower. “Looking good Miss Kindly,” said a third fan. “Wow, beautiful on top and bottom,” another follower commented. “Absolutely, absolutely so wonderful,” gushed another fan. “Simply breathtaking,” wrote another follower.

Kindly Myers Pink Bikini

“As always you look hot and sexy in your bikini,” another fan shared. “The perfect example of female charm,” another follower added as fans showered her post with compliments of “gorgeous”, “amazing” and “beautiful”.

Can’t resist showing off her strawberry pants dancing to Elvis Presley!

In another recent Instagram post, set to the tune of Elvis Presley’s hit song, “Trouble,” the social media sensation showed off her toned physique in her blush pink bikini top. She matched the top with a pair of white leggings that had images of strawberries printed across them.

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As she dances, her thighs gently bounce and the strawberry leggings transform into a pair of red paisley pants that still show off her natural curves. In the caption, Kindly wrote: “You came to the right place!” and tagged @shopst.clair for the bikini and @lil_bees_bohemian for the pants.

Fans couldn’t stop gushing over her video. “Your vitality is unmatched. #KeepSmilingForever You light up the world,” one fan commented. “Wow. You are incredibly beautiful Please, the beauty of an angel and a body from the gods. You make those clothes look 100 times better than they should, another follower said. “Nicely done,” said a third fan.

“You’re sweet as a sugar cube,” teased another follower. “Please, you are beautiful, attractive and sexy,” wrote another fan. “I would spend the rest of my life lost in your eyes,” gushed another follower. “You look so amazing and you’re super sexy,” another fan commented. “Love this look on you! WOW… you shocked me beyond my limits,” another follower shared.

Interested in more Kindly Myers content? In another recent Instagram post, the ex-soldier teased new OnlyFans content in her ‘workout top’ and tiny thong! Fans can check out these steamy photos by clicking here!

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