Kolkata FF Fatafat Result Today 5 May 2022 Winner List, Fatafat Result LIVE কলকাতা ফটাফট

Kolkata FF Fatafat Result Today 05.05.2022 & 06.05.2022 Kol FF Chart & Winners Number List कोलकाता फटाफट, কলকাতা ফটাফট ফলাফল

The people of West Bengal play this game for winning lottery tickets which gets them a huge amount of money. Also, people consider this to be an entertaining game where it produces the unlawful for the people terms and conditions. The chance that it gives would consider the basic things not recognize the cash on the individual process.

Live Kolkata FF Result Today 5 May 2022

The outcome of the game will have a great reward to the people, so they playing these kinds of games. The procedures that are specified from the outcome to control throughout the games on the fruitful outcome, the game is being played around the furthermore process from which the thing can endure some sort of the reach for the people.

It gives the best procedure on the one that used to have an outcome on the entryway when it uses to show completely. Also the main fact of the number that has a great concept to reach on the online things those assume to make a great reward on its outcome. The multiple times on the system reach towards the specified rewards where they can get it from the major cash from the rewards on its purposes. 

Kolkata FF Fatafat Result 2022 Live – Overview

The game offers a lot of prizes that have got the best plan for the amount for winning people. It uses the lottery game on the amount in the gameplay on the guessing the better play for the gambling games like this. For these kinds of things which uses the specific amount on receiving some lottery win on the various websites that have got the perfect games. 

Lottery NameKolkata FataFat (FF)
CategoryLottery Game
StateWest Bengal
Lottery Ticket  prize₹6/-
Prize Money₹1 crore
Kolkata FF ResultOnline
Today’s Date05 May 2022
Official websitenone

Kolkata FF Round & Time

There is an official website that has got the amazing online games in which it shows plenty of the sources that have got the work to use it on the game earlier. Online games utilize the guess from the different kinds of game on it. It uses the lottery tickets on the plenty of different gambling games in the online games that are used for the number of useful things to happen while using it online.

Round 110:25 AM
Round 211:55 AM
Round 301:23 PM
Round 402:55 PM
Round 504:03 PM
Round 605:55 PM
Round 707:25 PM
Round 808:55 PM


Kolkata FF Prize Money

Just visit the local lottery office for getting the result and you have to visit there with your lottery tickets. You need to contact them for knowing the result for getting information. They will let you know about the particular tickets winning prize money and then the details to collect the money. While checking out the lottery ticket number people need to check twice. 

PositionPrize Money
Position 1₹1 Crore
Position 2₹9000/-
Position 3₹500/-
Position 4₹250/-
Position 5₹120/-

Kolkata FF Lottery Result Today Live Winning Number – 16 

You can get the instant winning members list for the highest prize. The huge amount on the lottery list will eventually bring the better game that has the biggest things which recognize the other winning prize. The money that was won from this would get the better source on bringing the result with the live winning numbers that are provided by the official websites for the control of the government.

Kolkata FF Fatafat Result Date-Wise

There are government officials who get to know about the lottery games on the game to play from the days Like Monday to Saturday. Even it is banned for the people who were are gambling and betting around. It has to be players under the Kolkata lottery game for the play on the official to get on purchasing games.

Kolkata FF Result Today (28 April)
10:25 AM11:55 AM01:23 PM02:55 PM04:03 PM05:55 PM07:25 PM08:55 PM

Kolkata FF Result For Today Timings (5 May 2022) 

The people of West Bengal can visit the official website that could use the game to bring better investment on a single day. The internet provides better results on the internet to know the better result at once. 

Apart from online betting, you can eventually know the result in hand while gambling around. You can visit online 8 times a day whereas the company that allows knowing the better result from which brings the list on the players easily. 

The West Bengal people can get the popular gaming result has been mentioned in schedule like 

Well, here is the timing schedule for the Kolkata FF Result for Today Timings, and people literally aware of it. The gamers have to know before reaching out to the result where it comes on it.

With the simple procedure, you need to make a better thing while checking things on the winning prize online. It is easy to access the website for checking out the result and then it brings you the perfect timing for knowing your result. Just follow the steps online to know more information on getting the result for today. 

Kolkata FF Old Result 2022 Chart – Previous chart

So here is the timing and the previous old chart for checking out the position as well. The similarity from this will get to know more about the result for the people who have won in this.

10:17 AM11:45 AM01:15 PM02:45 PM04:15 PM05:45 PM07:15 PM08:45 PM

How To Check Kolkata FF Results?

To check Lottery Kolkata FF Result 2022 you have to follow below mentioned step-by-step guide.

  • First of all you have to visit official website of Kolkata FF Results @kolkataff.com
  • Now on Home page, search for the ‘Kolkata FF Results’ or ‘Baazi Results’.
  • Now click on the lottery result option and a new page will open with a list of today’s lotery winning numbers.
  • Nowcompare your number with final winning number of today’s lotter and if it’s match, congratulations, you are winner.


The people need to check out the relevant documents from which the best thing can get towards the winning moment. It also uses the online process which took the better contact on the winning the gambling games. 

It also uses the best things that can consider for getting the lottery winning prizes. The ticket to the status will eventually bring the lottery agencies on the submitting the lottery ticket number. The online provides the best result as it shows. We will update you with the daily results of the Kolkata FF Result. If you have any question about Kolkata Fatfat Result 2022, lets us know in the comment.

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