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Kylie Jenner Admits Kim Kardashian Has ‘Changed So Much’ Following Pete Davidson Split!

The cosmetics moguls have bonded over “similar experiences lately” and it’s brought them that much closer.

Previously, Kylie admitted that she was the closest Khloe Kardashian considering they both went through their first pregnancies two months apart and could relate to that experience.

Kylie & Kim are (currently) best friends

Kylie posed topless on the March 2023 cover Vanity Fair Italy problem.

She named Kim as her “favorite sister” at the moment, telling the publication: “It changes over time. Right now it’s Kim.”

The sisters are extremely connected right now given their shared experiences of public breakups.

KiKi & Ky are “very connected” due to “similar experiences”

“Kim has changed so much recently,” Kylie admitted. “We are very connected, she is always the first sister I call when I need something. We’ve been through a lot of similar experiences lately.”

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On the other hand, Kylie dished that she is the least connected to Kendall Jenner.

This does NOT mean there is any drama between the sisters.

Kylie and Travis Scott have recently ended their year-long on-off relationship. They resumed in 2020 after ending in 2019.

The couple welcomed their second child in February 2022 and ended things in early 2023.

Kim, on the other hand, has been single since her divorce Pete Davidson in August 2022. They began dating in the midst of her tumultuous divorce from Kanye West.

Breakup has brought them closer!

They first met in October 2021 and went public with their relationship shortly thereafter.

Part of their love story was captured on season two of “The Kardashians” on Hulu; But much of their personal life was shared by Kanye on social media.

Kanye’s public trolling and harassment of Pete caused the “SNL” alum so much stress that he sought trauma therapy.

After Kim and Pete’s split, Kanye calmed down and stopped taking aim at his ex-wife on Instagram and Twitter.

Kim and Kanye finally finalized their divorce in November 2022, and they are currently co-parenting their four children with Kim having custody a majority of the time.

Kylie and Travis are also on good co-parenting terms.

“This has happened so many times before, they’ve been known to be on again but always remain friends and great co-parents,” an insider told Us Weekly.

Kylie hasn’t publicly confirmed her split from the ‘SICKO MODE’ rapper, but from the looks of her social media it’s clear she’s single.

Kylie & Stassie’s sexuality has come into question lately!

Many fans have speculated whether Kylie is bisexual or even lesbian given her close relationship with Stassie Karanikolaou.

Kylie and Stass both shared a carousel of photos on Instagram where they are seen hugging and kissing each other on the lips.

The mother of two captioned the photos “forever valentine,” to which Stassie replied, “forever and then 🌹.”

The post immediately had fans wondering (again) if Kylie and Stass are more than just BFFs.

“When is Kylie coming out? 🌈,” one person commented,

“Honey, if you’re not a lesbian at least come out as a bi! Because the vibes are there,” replied another.

“So, is this the announcement at last?” asked a fan.

Another wondered, “So kylie had her kids and became a lesbian 😕?”

“Everybody knows,” commented yet another person.

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