Leslie Jones Candidly Shares Her Abortion Experiences

Leslie Jones Candidly Shares Her Abortion Experiences: ‘I’d Make the Same Choice Today’ – But Urges, ‘This Isn’t Birth Control!

Leslie Jones Candidly Shares Her Abortion Experiences: In a recent interview and within the pages of her new memoir, ‘Leslie Unfiltered,’ the 56-year-old actress Leslie Jones opened up about her personal experiences with abortion during her youth.

Jones candidly shared that she had undergone three abortions during that period, with the first one taking place when she was just 18 years old and in a relationship with a man named Richard Brooks, who was 27 at the time.

During the interview, Jones delved into the rollercoaster nature of her on-again, off-again relationship with Brooks, which spanned several years. She revealed that they did not use any form of birth control during their relationship. Despite this, Jones made it clear that she harbored no regrets about the choices she made.

Reflecting on her decision to have an abortion, Jones expressed, “All I felt was an overwhelming urgency to avoid pregnancy at that moment. So, I made the difficult choice to have an abortion, and it was undeniably challenging. I hesitate to label it as wrong, because even to this day, I believe I would make the same decision if faced with that situation again.”

The actress expressed remorse over her lack of knowledge about preventing pregnancy at the time, attributing it to her mother’s early illness, which prevented her from receiving comprehensive sexual education. She shared, “My mother fell ill during my formative years, and her absence meant that I didn’t have the guidance I needed when it came to sexual education.” We advised you to check out Reveals Shocking Truth About ‘Expendables’ Series.

Having undergone three abortions, Leslie Jones came to the realization that abortion is not a suitable method of birth control. She credited the organization Planned Parenthood, known for providing sexual education, reproductive health care, and information, with helping her make informed choices.

She stated, “I still give money to them to this day. When I went to Planned Parenthood, I finally learned how to prevent pregnancies and take care of myself. Thank God for those people and what they do.”

Jones explained that her fear of childbirth developed after watching a graphic video in her ninth-grade health class. She vividly recalled running home and telling her mother, “I will never do that.” We also recommend you to check out Anne Hathaway’s Epic Clapback.

Despite her experiences, Leslie Jones doesn’t regret not having a family of her own. She expressed, “I didn’t get married and have kids, but I don’t know if that’s what I wanted. I’ve always wanted to take care of myself.”

This open and honest discussion by Leslie Jones sheds light on her personal experiences with abortion, the importance of sexual education, and her support for organizations like Planned Parenthood that provide vital resources and information.

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