LSU Gymnast Chase Brock Drops Jaws In Her Tiny Black Bikini

Chase Brock showing off her insanely toned body in a bikini!

The LSU gymnast delighted her adoring fans on Instagram with a sizzling upload. Brock flashed plenty of skin while serving up a steamy look for the camera.

Soak up some sun

Instagram | Chase Brock

Brock took a “day trip to NOLA,” according to her caption.

The place she visited offered incredible views of a body of water surrounded by lush greenery and a clear blue sky with fluffy white clouds. Despite the beautiful scenery, the athlete’s online audience was seemingly more fascinated by her sheer skin exposure.

Looks so worn


Brock stood in the middle of the frame, in front of the railing of the balcony. She stretched her arms back and rested them on the flat surface while placing her left thigh over the other. The stunner tilted her head to the side as she faced the camera and flashed a big smile.

The second image saw a full body shot of Brock bending his left knee with his toes pointing to the floor. This time she opened her mouth while smiling.

Beautiful in black

Brock looked like a total smoke show as she opted for a sizzling black bikini. The top had narrow straps that went over her neck and highlighted her slender arms and shoulders. Meanwhile, the other pair of thongs wrapped around her midriff, helping to accentuate her slender frame. The garment also had a plunging neckline that showed some of her cleavage.

Brock wore matching high-leg pants that helped show off her sculpted thighs and legs. The sides clung to her waist and accentuated her curvaceous hips. Plus, the low-cut fit helped highlight her toned stomach and abs. The back seemed to have a thong design that exposed her rear.

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The junior styled her blonde locks in a center part and let the wavy strands fall over her shoulders. She accessorized with dangling earrings, a phone cord bracelet, a scrunchie and sunglasses.

Compliments pour in

Brock’s ardent supporters did not hesitate to show their appreciation for the post by clicking the like button more than 2,800 times. Some of them also hit the comment section to leave dozens of messages.

“Looking good Chase. Nice swimsuit,” one person commented.

“You are so beautiful,” another admirer added.

“I hope one day you get to grace the cover of Sports Illustrated: Swimsuit Edition,” said the third commenter.

“Literally so amazing,” gushed the fourth user.

Taking her talent to LSU

In 2020, Brock, along with Olivia Dunne, Elena Arenas, Sierra Ballard and Haleigh Bryant, were newcomers to the LSU campus in Baton Rogue. They began training for the 2021 season at the end of July.

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“I’m excited about this class, as I always am when new faces come in,” head gymnastics coach Jay Clark said at the time. “This class not only has a great level of talent but also a great level of familiarity with each other and with the expectations of our program. They have watched LSU and anticipated this moment for a long time. I am confident in their commitment to this winning culture.”

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