New Mom Meghan McCain Opens Up On Pressure To Use Ozempic For Postpartum Weight Loss

Meghan McCain has opened up about the pressure to lose weight quickly after giving birth.

Just a month after the TV personality welcomed her second daughter, Clover Jade, with husband, Ben Domenech, she revealed she was told to take Ozempic to lose the extra baby weight. The drug, originally prescribed for people with diabetes, has since become a quick fix for weight loss after going viral on social media last year.

Meghan McCain refuses to use Ozempic as a weight loss drug after the arrival of her daughter

McCain is the latest celebrity to join the fight against using Ozempic as a quick fix for weight loss. The daughter of diplomat Cindy McCain and politician John McCain addressed the drug use epidemic in an article she called, “I just gave birth and I’m being told to take a ‘miracle shot’ of Ozempic as a quick fix … It’s scary, unfair and disturbing – and I refuse.”

The public figure began by mentioning that she welcomed her child “four weeks ago, and you wouldn’t believe what I’m hearing.” In addition to answering the usual and expected questions, McCain revealed that people have also asked her if she planned to take Ozempic.

The mother-of-two explained that there was “a craze sweeping the nation” in the form of a “new ‘miracle’ drug” that “just might melt away the pounds” for “a cool $1,000 a pop.”

McCain then highlighted some celebrities who have interacted with the drug in the past, including businessman Elon Musk, comedian Chelsea Handler and reality star Kyle Richards, who have denied taking it even though she recently appeared with “new abs.”

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Sometime in Daily mail The author noted that since she was not one of the “people who legitimately struggle with obesity and need Ozempic,” she was shocked that “casual friends” and “industry acquaintances” asked her about using it. But her attitude to drawing that line was clear when she said:

“Well, let me make one thing very clear. I’m not taking it. I refuse. There’s a clear moral issue here. It’s hard to take a drug because swimsuit season is around the corner, while others need it to survive. And how can this be healthy?”

The former “The View” star added that Ozempic abuse would sabotage years of body positivity progress. McCain was even more concerned about how the continuous use of the drug would affect the lives of her daughters – including her two-year-old Liberty Sage – and their view of beauty.

“This is not the world I want for them, and not the world I want for myself,” the Daytime Emmy Award nominee wrote before concluding, “As for Ozempic, I’d rather have a few extra pounds than put myself off with medication. There’s nothing worth having that’s easy to come by. And that goes for my health and my girls’ health.”

The GLAAD Media Award nominee shares an update on her motherhood on social media

Tops observed that the “Dirty Sexy Politics” author gave her nearly 460,000 followers a glimpse into her new motherhood via her Instagram story. McCain shared a photo showing her in a gray college sweater and reading glasses while lying in bed.

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The “Daily Beast” alum was wearing no jewelry or makeup, suggesting she was enjoying some downtime before the day’s craziness began. However, she used a glam filter to even out her skin tone and wrote: “2 whole weeks as a mother of two girls I have successfully transformed into a human cow – simply delivering milk all day… 🐮,” across the image.

In an earlier update, McCain had told her fans that her only regret after a “full week as a mother of two girls” was that she “didn’t do it sooner.” The 38-year-old also shared his insight: “All the clichés are true, it really is the best thing that happens in life without saying ❤️.”

The giddy mom announced the birth of her second child with four photos of her, her husband and Liberty gazing at the newborn with love and adoration. Her caption included the baby’s name and an appreciation to everyone who had wished her and her family well.

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