Nick Cannon Talks Mariah Carey & Daughter Monroe Viral TikTok: ‘Shocking’

Nick Cannon is over the moon and super proud of his oldest daughter, Monroe Cannon.

The entertainer is notoriously known for having 12 children with multiple women, including the Queen of Christmas, Mariah Carey. But having a big family hasn’t stopped San Diego from being a part of his kids’ big moments.

Earlier this week, the “Touch My Body” singer teamed up with Kim Kardashian for a stunning mother-daughter video featuring their daughters – Monroe Cannon and North West. Days after the viral clip, the proud dad shared how he felt about the huge moment. Keep scrolling for more.

Nick Cannon says his daughter Monroe has the “entertainment bug” after seeing her TikTok

As the “All That” star began his controversial fatherhood journey, he planted his first set of seeds with the “All I Want For Christmas” singer. During their marriage, the former spouses welcomed twins – daughter Monroe and son Moroccan – in 2011.

Although the TV personality split from the “All I Want From Christmas” artist in 2016, the duo appears to be on friendly terms. In a recent interview with ET, The 42-year-old gushed about his daughter’s latest TikTok venture involving his ex-wife and the Kardashians.

Reacting to the unexpected mother-daughter combo, the “Drumline” actor explained that he enjoyed seeing Monroe bond with Carey in such a sweet way. “I loved it. To be honest, it was epic,” Cannon admitted before heaping praise on his daughter.

“My daughter has the entertainment bug… [You can] definitely see that connection with her and her mom,” the father of twelve continued. “It’s beautiful, the fact that they get to have fun with each other… families connect in a different way than ever before.”

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Additionally, the video touched on the former Nickelodeon star in a way that was both “crazy” and “funny.” Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Award said, “the song that they made TikTok for is a song that I produced and worked on with Mariah, so that also made it special.”

The 42-year-old understood that “It was a touching moment,” before noting that the video initially took him by surprise. “It was shocking at first, but then it was amazing. I was like, ‘Okay, I see what you guys are doing and it’s going viral.’

The proud dad revealed that his 11-year-old daughter would show us more spectacular moments in the future when Monroe had her mom’s gifts. According to Cannon, he couldn’t share the juicy deets about the young lady’s plans because the Grammy winner was in charge.

“Her and Mariah they do what they do,” he admitted. “I don’t even know if I can talk about it, because Mariah’s like, ‘Let me take care of this. I can do this.'”

In the viral TikTok clip mentioned above, Monroe didn’t flaunt her natural vocals as she teamed up with North to perform a sweet choreography to Carey’s hit song “It’s a Wrap.” While doing their adorable routine, the girls lip-synched to the track’s chorus.

When the iconic “it’s a wrap” line came up, Kardashian and Mariah appeared in the frame, in front of their daughters. The video bombers held hairbrushes as their makeshift microphones as they lip-synched the famous chorus ending, causing their children to hilariously push them out of the picture.

“It’s a wrap! But never for us!” Carey captioned the viral upload, garnering over a million likes and thousands of comments from delighted fans. “Oh my god! Mariah getting along with Kim is a Christmas miracle,” gushed one fan, while another wrote in disbelief, “Mariah Carey and Kim Kardashian casually hanging out doing a TikTok.”

Other individuals laughed at North forcefully pushing her mother away, while Monroe didn’t dare treat the R&B artist the same way. Meanwhile, some fans couldn’t believe that both women were Cannon’s exes.

Mariah Carey may be trying to take full custody of her children

Last month, OSSTET reported that Cannon and Carey may be headed for a custody battle over their twins. The shocking news came on the heels of the “Wild ‘n Out” host’s 12th child announcement.

An insider close to the singer revealed that the New Yorker was considering taking primary custody of the children after asking her ex-husband to make more time for their children. But the TV personality is allegedly not meeting her demands due to his busy schedule and multiple children.

“Monroe and Morocco are usually with Mariah anyway. Nick doesn’t see much of them,” the insider revealed. “The actor is mostly busy with work and tries his best to see them. But it’s barely enough.”

The source explained that the Billboard Icon Award winner was not trying to “punish” Cannon for creating a large crowd. Still, given the 42-year-old’s busy lifestyle, she needed to prioritize her children’s happiness.

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