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NVSP Voter ID Status Check | Track Name in Voter ID List Online, Download Election Card nvsp.in

Check NVSP Voter ID Status 2022 nvsp.in Login Color Voter ID & Form 6 & 8 Download Election Card online www.electrolsearch.in. As voters of the largest democracy in the world, it is our utmost honor and foremost duty is to exercise our right to vote. National Voters Service Portal Voter ID Track online application status.

To ensure a trouble-free process during elections and remove discrepancies in the electoral list, the Election Commission of India, on the occasion of National Voters’ Day January 25th, 2015, launched a single-window services portal to all the voters of the country.

NVSP Voter ID 2022 : National Voters Service Portal

NVSP is a dedicated portal put forward for the benefit of its voters by the Election Commission of India to extend sincere support services to all the voters. It may encourage them to exercise their voting rights as a fundamental duty and make them aware of the significance of the voting right.

NVSP is also one of the genuine efforts made by the ECI to ensure that voting awareness spreads to all parts of the country and the discipline of democracy is maintained.

NVSP Voter ID Status Check

For availing the services of the NVSP, the user needs to activate an ID by logging ( if a frequent user and previously registered ) or creating an ID (if a new user) and then accordingly choose the service to avail through the portal.

Facilities Available After NVSP Login 2022

  • Easily Register for Fresh Elector
  • AC Transposition
  • Can correct mistakes in application form
  • Another AC Migration
  • Raise Objection or Delete Electoral Roll

NVSP Voter ID Status Check 2022

The window of NVSP provides various services. One of them is Checking the voter ID status. For important constituency ward activities, the user may find their Voter ID Status of 2022.

Through this, the user may check the status of the voter application form filled and whether the current status of the voter ID is active or not. This feature of the portal resolves the basic query of the voter by letting them know the status of their Voter ID.

Voter ID is a highly essential document for a verified Elector to show before casting their vote. Every vote counts, and hence, all the voters need to keep their IDs intact and updated.

After you log in through proper credentials ( Log – In ID and Password ), the users can click on the link “NVSP Voter ID Check Status 2022” as available on the portal and then obtain it from there.

How to Check NVSP Status Online 2022?

The voter list is an official list prepared by the Election Department depending on the department’s credible entries.

nvsp status
  • The user can avail of this simple service by visiting the NVSP website.
nvsp application status
  • After successfully logging in to the NVSP portal, they can click on “Track Status”.
NVSP accepted form
  • Answer the details when asked, and display the corresponding status.

As the constitutional right grants every adult above 18 years of age the fundamental duty to vote, the electoral list is the official list consisting of the name of the eligible voters of that area.

Every constituency has a corresponding polling booth at their place, and at the booth, the electoral list is prepared accordingly, claiming the names of voters above 18.

This may require changes if the person has been changing its constituency, transferred or the electors who are no more.

This window service allows the electors to find their names in the list and look for any changes. This all can be done with a simple click on “Names in the Voter ID List Online.”

How to check name in the NVSP Voter ID List 2022?

Visit the website of the NVSP Portal, log in with the required credential, click on the “Electoral Roll List”, select the state for which you need. You will be displayed the options of the Electoral Rolls, and you can accordingly choose the list you wish to view.

Portal NameNational Voter Service Portal (NVSP)
About the article1. NVSP Application Status Check
2. How to apply for new voter ID card
3. Find your name in voter ID card list online
AuthorityElection Commission of India (EIC)
Launched in2015
Apply ModeOnline
NVSP voter official websitewww.nvsp.in
Check Name in New voter ID card list onlineClick here
NVSP Voter ID application status 2022Click Here
NVSP New Voter ID registration onlineApply here
NVSP Portal LoginApply here

Download Election Card 2022 electrolsearch.in

The Election Photo Identity Card ( EPIC ) is a crucial document establishing the identity of the adult who has attained the age of 18 and has been granted the right to vote. This card is officially issued by the Election Commission of India and uniquely identifies the individual who shall be authorized to vote in the state, national and municipal elections.

This contains essential information on the card such as Name, Photograph, age Father’s Name, and Gender. This may also use for important identification purposes.

After successful login on the NVSP Portal, you may click on the link “Download Election Card/ EPIC”, and by entering details that it may ask, you will be able to download the EPIC/Election Card.

Searching Voter ID by Epic Number 

While you can look for your EPIC Number, which is present on the Voter ID at the top of the photograph, you may also search your Voter ID details through the EPIC Number.

You directly enter the EPIC number, and it will display details; to find the EPIC Number, you can go to the NVSP portal, click on “Search by details”, enter the details it asks you to, enter the captcha code, and click search. It will give you all the details with EPIC Number.

Process to Check NVSP ID via SMS

You may also receive the details alert through SMS to check your NSVP ID. There is one particular format to be followed and used, and you need to type the ‘SMS’ for a specific design to one specific number.

Name of StateNumber in which SMS has to SentFormat of Typing SMS
Uttar Pradesh9212357123UPEPIC<space>voter id no.
Karnataka9243355223KAEPIC<>voter id no.
Bihar56677EEL<space>voter id no.
West Bengal51969WBEC<space>voter id no.
Tamil Nadu9211728082EPIC<space>voter id no.
Odisha9238300131CEOODI<space>voter id no.
Andhra Pradesh9246280027VOTE<space>voter id no..
Chandigarh9216164606BTH<space>voter id no.
Kerala54242/537252EEL<space>voter id no.
AP9246280027VOTE<>voter id no.

How to Apply Online for a New Voter ID Card 2022?

Step 1 – In order to apply for a fresh voter ID Card, you first need to go to the website where you will log in using the credential. Then, click “Apply online for registration of new voters”.

Step 2 – After which you will have to fill the details, address, personal details and even some documents.

Step 3 – The declaration form following that has to be filled and the click, “replies”.

Step 4 – After the verification of all details and documents, a Voter ID will be issued to the voters.

How to apply for a Duplicate Voter ID Card 2022?

Step 1 – For this, the user will have to go to the website, log in and click on EPIC-002 Form following a format as every state has its own format to be followed.

Step 2 – After this, user needs to the fill the form that appears and attach all documents asked which includes FIR, Proof of Identity.

Step 3 – Submit the form to nearest electoral office and acquire the reference number.

Step 4 – Upon verification the application will be submitted to next level.

Step 5 – The duplicate voter ID may be tracked as per the link on the website.

Step 6 – After the update of verification is received by the user, they ma collect the duplicate ID from the electoral office.

New voter ID card Application fee

Services of NVSP are entirely free of cost. No fee is charged. The NVSP application process is totally free, there is no hidden fee to apply online for Voter ID or to use any services available on National Voter Services Portal.

NVSP Eligibility for Voter ID 2022

One needs to fulfil a few criteria to become eligible for the NVSP or even for voting.

Firstly, the user must have the age of 18 years and above.

The user should be an Indian National.

The user must have an authentic, permanent address.

Lastly, the user must be free of criminal charges, and no ongoing legal issues must be there.

NVSP Important Forms

There are several forms necessary within the NVSP portal, such as filling out the application for Voter Card, filling out forms for Duplicate another card, and so on. The user must carefully fill out the details and give correct information.

For Online registration of new voters download form 6 ( Shifting Assembly Constituency) Form6
For Online application of overseas votersForm6A
For Deletion or objection in the electoral rollForm7
For Correction of entries/ data in electoral rollForm8
For Transposition within the assemblyForm8A

NVSP Contact details

Election Commission of India,
Nirvachan Sadan, Ashoka Road,
New Delhi 110001
Official Email- [email protected], [email protected]
Phone No.- 23052219, 23052223-25
Toll-free number:- 1800111950


How do I upload documents?

Any form on NVSP that asks for the uploading of a document will have an option of “upload a file”. Upon clicking that, the user will be asked to upload from their drive or the device. Depending upon the location of the file, the user can upload it.

Do I get a voter card without applying?

No, you must apply to get your voter ID. Upon successful verification of the details and documents you give in the form, you will receive the voter ID Card.

Is it difficult to register on NVSP?

No. This is a straightforward process in which you will have to visit the website, followed by a step where you will be asked to choose a password. Every time you visit the portal to avail yourself of services, you will have to log in using those credentials.

Are sign in and log in different?

Sign In is for the users registering themselves for the first time on the portal, and login is used for logging in by already registered credentials.

What are the categories of electors? 

There are three categories – General, NRI, and Service.

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