Oh My Dog Movie Review

Oh My Dog Movie Review: Arun Vijay’s Heartwarming Watchable Dama About A Boy And His Dog

Oh My Dog Movie Review: Oh My Dog is a Tamil movie that was released in cinemas today. It is a movie for dog lovers. If you are a dog lover and care about your fluffy friends then this is the movie for you that has family values and teaches us a thing or 2 about parenting.

Oh My Dog Movie Review
Oh My Dog Movie Review

Oh My Dog Movie Review

Oh My Dog movie features 3 generations of actors from the same family. Vijay Kumar, Arun Vijay, and his son Arnav Vijay are the lead roles in the movie. This movie will probably bring nostalgia to you about the dog you never had. Arun Vijay and His son Arnav Vijay had most of the screen time. Arun Vijay plays the role of a loving father and Arnav plays the role of a schoolboy who is protective of his dog friend.

Mahima Nambiyar plays the role of mother to Arnav and wife of Arun Vijay in the film. Her sweet appearance in the movie is appreciable. The antagonist role is played by Vinay Rai who is a rich dog breeder and sole winner of the entire Pet tournament. His dogs are the best breeds which bags him a lot of award monopoly.

Name of the MovieOh My Dog
DirectorSarov Shanmugam
StaringArun Vijay
CastArnav Vijay, Arun Vijay, Vijayakumar, Mahima Nambiar, Vinay Rai
Theatre Release Date21 April 2022
Film IndustryTollywood

Oh My Dog Storyline

The movie mainly focuses on the relationships between Arnav and his blind Siberian husky dog. The dog is called Simba and was found by Arnav when he ran away from Vinay Rai’s Breeding Shelter. Earlier the Breeder had plans to kill Simba since he was blind but Simba escapes and meets Arnav. Later Simba participates in a Pet Tournament and wins which angers Vinay Rai, who is too proud to lose his winning streak.

The movie also shows the family dynamics of Arnav’s family where Shankar (Arun Vijay) struggles to provide for his son. Shankar also has a strained relationship with his father (Vijay Kumar The veteran Actor). Arnav is also protective and loves his dog friend to the extent to which Shankar threatens him to send the dog away.

The story also has two sidekicks who take the bidding to get rid of Simba but fail miserably.

Oh My Dog Review – Our Rating

The movie is sure to be loved by pet lovers and has some things to teach us about parenting. The movie also tried to de-stigmatize the disabilities which we all should understand that it is normal. The movie also highlights the strained relationship between Shankar (Arun Vijay) and his father (Starring Vijay Kumar); which is also another side of family dynamics that could have been explored better. The movie has a hint of predictability which is a letdown. Fight scenes are an integral part of Tamil Cinema which in this movie was not necessarily needed. Our rating for the Oh My God review is 3 out of 5 points.

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