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P!nk Is ‘Saddened’ And Takes Responsibility For Role In Christina Aguilera Drama

P!nk has had enough of viewers’ views on her alleged beef with Christina Aguilera.

The singer expressed her displeasure at the attention her former feud with the 42-year-old has continued to garner following the release of her new album, ‘Trustfall’.

The feud, which occurred two decades ago, saw P!nk and Aguilera fight over which singer would remove specific parts of the song “Lady Marmalade.” Although nothing has been said about it since then, talk of the pair’s feud resurfaced after P!nk ranked the song’s music video dead last in a conversation about her favorite project.

P!nk is saddened by the continued controversy surrounding her and Christina Aguilera

P!nk has been at the top of the news since she started promoting her latest album, “Trustfall,” which she released on February 17th. And at the center is her feud with Aguilera, which fans and press have had plenty to say about , prompting the “F**king Perfect” singer to express her disappointment on social media.

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Taking to Instagram, the 43-year-old shared a neon-filtered photo of herself and her son, Jameson Moon Hart, taunting the camera. However, the playful image is accompanied by a long and sincere caption that she began:

“I am so saddened and disappointed by the story surrounding some of the press I have done surrounding my album. While some of the responsibility lies with me and my inability to lie, and my uncanny ability to overshare, my real disappointment lies in the fact that art can never be the focus when you are a woman.”

P!nk noted that despite creating “one of the most beautiful albums” while “selling out arenas,” “raising good kids” and employing “good, hard-working people,” the “only thing people care about” a silly feud”. from the age of twenty.” The “Just Say I’m Sorry” hitmaker added that no one talked about the many women she “complimented and supported and loved.”

Christina Fulton by Immortal Beauty
Christina Fulton by Immortal Beauty

“I also believe in authentic apology – and owning Your mistakes. I should say less. Every time. Say less. Something I’m working on. This was a good reminder. My desire is to share the pain and celebration of this messy life through music and on stage. And I have accomplished that,” she said.

The mother of two finished with a personal message on Aguilera, saying the “Genie in a Bottle” singer knew where they stood. With over half a million likes and thousands of comments, the post definitely got the attention she expected.

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A look at the comments section revealed that celebrities and fans alike were united against women who hide, as actress Hilary Swank commented: “Thank you for being vulnerable, authentic and such an eloquent speaker of truth. We ALL need more of that, ALWAYS. “

Fitness guru Jeanette Jenkins wrote: “Through this honest message you are showing us women how to stand up for ourselves and I love it. Keep speaking your truth and congrats on a beautiful album.”

Make-up artist Nicola Chapman said people were constantly learning new things about their lives and one fan noted the “Just Give Me a Reason” singer was not “unkind or fake” in her interviews. A second fan also claimed that people who focus on other people’s pasts “do not empower women” but are looking for “drama”.

The five-time World Music Awards winner shuts down rumors of any feuds

Talk of P!nk and Aguilera’s seeming rekindling of their feud began after the former appeared in a viral TikTok clip ranking her music videos. Blast reported it The “What About Us” singer explained that she placed the “Lady Marmalade” video last in her ranking list because:

“It wasn’t very fun to do. I’m way too funny, and it was like a lot of banter. And there were some personalities … Kim and Mya were nice.”

Within hours, the clip’s comments section was filled with fans giving their take on the situation, with one person writing: “The fact that she’s still shading xtina about this 20 years later 💀.” After letting hours and hours of speculation fly on social media, P!nk finally relented when she responded to a Twitter user, saying:

“Y’all are crazy. Xtina had some shit to do with who was on that song. If you don’t know by now – I’m not ‘shadowing’ anyone by telling you over and over and over what actually happened .”

The Grammy Awards winner ended her rant by pointing out her disinterest in the controversy, writing: “If you haven’t noticed – I’m a little busy selling.”

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