Vinod Kapri's Video Turned Pradeep Mehra Hero

Pradeep Mehra – Vinod Kapri’s Video Turned Bright Boy Into New Internet Story

Vinod Kapri’s Video Turned Bright Boy (Pradeep Mehra) Into New Internet Story – A video shared on social media by the Bollywood director, Vinod Kapri turned a Noida teen into a new Internet story like Baba ka Dhaba. From Google Trends to social media, everyone is praising this boy (Pradeep Mehra) in Vinod Kapri’s video. This boy runs 10 KM every night after woks to prepare himself to join the Indian Army. He runs at night because he does job sift in the day-time. In the video, we can clearly hear a ride offering from Filmmaker Vinod Kapri. But each time, Pradeep Mehra deny the offer and keep running for 10 Km.

Pradeep Mehra Reply To Vindo Kapri’s Offer, “I Always run on my way back home to join Indian Army.”

Vinod Kapri mentioned in the video caption, “This is PURE GOLD ❤️❤️ Last night at 12 o’clock on the road of Noida, I saw this boy running very fast with a bag on his shoulder. I thought he could be in some trouble, I should offer him a lift. Repeatedly offered a lift but he declined. You will fall in love with this child if you listen to the reason.”

Pradeep Mehra

Those who are watching a video that went viral in the last 24 hours in which a boy running at night to prepare for the Indian Army. Here we are to answer your question, who is Pradeep Mehra Noida?

Pradeep Mehra
Pradeep Mehra’s Photo

Pradeep Mehra is a teen from Uttarakhand who currently living in Noida. He is working at McDonald’s in Sector 16 and runs 10 Km to his room which is in Barola, Noida. This bright boy is so dedicated to joining the Indian Army but because of his job didn’t get time to make running practice in the daytime. That’s why he runs 10 Km daily at night when he goes home after job sift.

Pradeep MehraBio
NamePradeep Mehra
Currently LivingBarola, Noida
Workingat McDonald’s in Sector 16
Date of BirthUnknown
DreamTo Join The Indian Army

Vinod Kapri

Now as you got to know about Pradeep Mehra in the above content, you may still have a question about the video-sharing person. This video was firstly shared by a Bollywood Film Director named, Vinod Kapri. His most famous movie was ‘Can’t Tale This Shit Anymore’ for which he won National Award in 2014. His wife’s name is Sakshi Joshi who also shared this Nodia Teen video. Now Vinod Kapri is looking to make a film on Gujarat riots, ‘Gujarat Files’ after seeing the great success of ‘The Kashmir Files’ directed by Vivek Agnihotri.

Vinod Kapri
Vinod Kapri
NameVinod Kapri
ProfessionJournalist, producer, film director, screenwriter
WifeSakshi Joshi
Date Of Birth15 August 1972
Age49 Years
AwardNational Award For Can’t Take This Shit Anymore
Twitter AccountTwitter@VinodKapri
His Wife’s Instagram@SakshiJoshi85

Watch Vindo Kapri’s Twitter Video Featuring Pradeep Mehra

We believe this new viral video of Noida Teen Sandeep Mehra will inspire you to work hard for your dream and don’t quit. Make sure to share this article with your friends who are interested to know about Pradeep Mehra and Vinod Kapri.

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