Pregnant April Marie Shares Update On Early Symptoms

April Marie is keeping it real with her fans on her pregnancy journey!

The social media influencer who rose to fame after starring in the Netflix show “The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On” was known for her authenticity when dealing with ex-boyfriend Jake Cunningham and exploring feelings for another woman. She has now moved on with her partner, Cody Cooper, and she recently revealed that they are expecting a child.

April Marie opens up about her pregnancy journey and early symptom experience

Despite her fame, the reality TV star is determined to keep some things private, especially when it comes to her personal life. In a new post, she decided to give a sneak peek into her pregnancy by updating her followers on the journey so far.

The photo showed her on the beach wearing a white crop top and blue jeans, smiling and holding her sonogram. She wrote in the caption, “Updates: •As of last night, these pants no longer fit (along with the rest of my clothes) 😭😂 So mamas, please tag below your favorite maternity outfit! 💙.”

She mentioned that she had not experienced any nausea or vomiting throughout her pregnancy, but this changed as she entered the 14th week, and her usual remedy of ginger ale and crackers was no longer effective.

She added, “Pregnancy rhinitis is real and Kleenex has been my bff 🤧,” before expressing excitement about seeing her doctor for a follow-up ultrasound the next day. The mother-to-be stated that her baby’s gender would be revealed in a week.

Her followers, eagerly awaiting every detail of her experience, immediately supported her in the comments, like this person who wrote: “Love your story! You’re going to be an amazing mom! ❤️ you have so much love to give.”

Another fan tried to help her by giving her some advice, noting: “@itsaprilmarie this is so random but chewing gum always helped my nausea during both my pregnancies 😄 I’m so excited for you congrats ❤️❤️❤️ .”

While a third said, “Can’t wait to see what you will do April much love and care. For nausea I suggest eating a banana every day or the banana with Nutella which helped me with nausea ❤️❤️ @itsaprilmarie. ” A fourth gushed, “❤️😍 love love that your clothes don’t fit anymore. Oh the beauty of it all 😍😍.”

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Previously, she had teased her fans about the gender of her baby by asking them to guess. As expected, OSSTET noted that they eagerly took to the comments section to do just that.

As she strolled along the water’s edge with the pregnancy ultrasound images in hand, she wrote“You were given this mountain to show others that it can be moved. 🏔🥹,” adding, “Comment below: Team 💗 or Team 💙.”

One fan replied, “So happy for you!! Team 💙 Do you prefer boy or girl?” while another wrote: “Something in my gut tells me a girl 🥰💖.” A third follower wrote: “Think I see you with a boy from who knows 💙.” This person noted: “I’m voting 💗 because she would set a good example for a mother.”

April Marie announces due date of first child with Cody Cooper

The mom-to-be shared the news on social media through cute photos of herself while on vacation. Per OSSTET, the announcement came days after she told her followers that keeping her new status a secret was the hardest thing she’s ever had to do. She then shared two photos of herself in a bikini in the Philippines.

In the first photo, she stood on the beach with outstretched hands and a subtle smile wearing a white tube top and matching thong, covered by an oversized orange shirt. The second picture saw her under a parasol with one hand resting on the arm of her chair as her prominent stomach caught the eye.

She wrote, “Baby Moon in Boracay 🧡🌴👶🏼🌙. DD ~ 08/24/23.” One excited fan wrote: “I’m so glad you found your person and got what you’ve wanted for so long! Congratulations beautiful! You are going to be such an amazing mom! ❤️❤️❤️.”

While another noted: “I’m so happy for you 😍🥹nawh April 🥹🥰🫶 She a Baby Mumma 🔥🔥.” This person gushed, “Congratulations! I wish you all the best with your first baby. ❤️ 😍,” while a fourth wrote, “You have the cutest bump!!”

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