Why Putin Invading Ukraine Now

Why Putin Invading Ukraine Now? Know whole Story and Reason

For the last few days, all the global media have been hotshot with their printed and digital features on the appalling war taking place in Eastern Europe these days. There are mixed notions and ideas from the corridors of important prime places like Geneva, White House, or South Block to the local tea shops. But, after all these, there are many misconceptions or lesser knowledge about the reasons behind such a war between Ukraine and Russia to this extent which Eastern Europe has not seen in recent history. Russia and Ukraine have different reasons behind such a remarkable incident, and in this article, we’ll try to look for those through a closer lens.

Why Putin Invading Ukraine Now?

The country’s breathless initiatives to make the European countries like Germany, France, and governments from other continents like India over-dependent upon it, for energy resources made it an essential shaper of the geopolitics in the following years. As well as the establishment of Nord Stream2, avoiding Ukraine in supplying the natural gas to European countries became the points of headache for the US because Russia was slowly becoming free from the hostage of the pro-west countries like Ukraine with a significant loss of revenue of Kyiv.

From a tv program, the President to the real one was not an easy journey for President Zelenskyy. People’s support, convictions, and anti-establishment, anti-corruption figure led him to be the people’s President in 2019. But his promise of peaceful discussion with Russia brought two different results in two different geographies.

Why Putin Invading Ukraine Now

What is the reason for the attack by Russian troops?

While Kyiv was trying to keep trust in the diplomatic ability of its new President, Moscow succumbed to the thought of indirect control over Ukraine. But, entirely expectedly, such kind of day-dreaming was dismantled by Volodymyr Zelenskyy, and his turning towards NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) leveled up the agitation of Vladimir Putin.

Ukraine and Russia History

To go deep into the bucket of the reasons, we need to go back to the nineties when the USSR (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics) got broken in 1991. All those allied countries went for their identities. At this time, Ukraine used to possess the third-largest nuclear arsenal. But, in the presence of the USA and Russia, Kyiv was denuclearized on the ground of several diplomatic assurances.

This idea of NATO membership is not something new for Ukraine. In 2008 former President of US George Bush showed deep interest in the prospect of Georgia and Ukraine’s addition within NATO, and this was something that appeared like a warning in front of the Kremlin.

What does Putin want?

In return for those dangerous nuclear weapons, it was agreed that Russia would not attack Ukraine and assured the country about its security. But 2014 saw the first transgressing of this agreement in Russia’s annexation of the Crimean Peninsula and its continuous support to the pro-Russian separatists’ rebellion in the Donbas Region. But, President Putin’s comments over Ukrainiansand Russians being one people, a single whole have also made the critical eyes concerned or possibly alerted over his ideas of the lost empire. And after the great breaking, Russia’s continuous efforts to reassert its global presence have so many things to do over here.

Russia-Ukraine Conflict Summary

Besides these, the chaotic withdrawal of the US Army from Afghanistan, the inner turmoil of the Biden Administration, the problem of the UK in the Brexitissue, France’s upcoming election, and the election of Germany’s new chancellor have constituted an uncertain situation in the West. At the same time, Russia itself is developing from the tortures of the covid outbreak and internal fractures of the country. These are the critical factors in this extraordinary situation of the Western world.

A diplomatic failure between Russia and US is being noticed when the US is in a bit problematic zone with its global importance enjoyed for years. And pathetically, this has made 2022 watch the Endgame, not written by Samuel Becket but by Vladimir Putin in Ukraine.

How does Russia view Ukraine?

It is the rule of NATO that if some other forces attack any member nation, then the complete NATO takes it as a blow on the whole alliance and takes action against that oppressor. But, the idea of Ukraine’s addition within NATO was something contradictory. Though Biden Administration and other NATO member nations have made it clear that such membership will not be entertained yet.

Ukraine has been the informal NATO member without any formal discussion who receives the fourth largest military fund and intelligent cooperation from the US. And such an inclination towards the EU and NATO has put Ukraine on the pot of possibilities of Russian Aggression. Such a move of the country has put it hanging in between the impossible membership of NATO and the EU and the aggravation of the terrible blows from Russia.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the reasons behind the attack of Russia in Ukraine?

Ans: Ukraine’s inclination towards NATO and Russia’s interest in border security are some of the reasons behind the attack of Russia in Ukraine.

What has been NATO’s response to this?

Ans: It is not possible to enter NATO without the consent of all the member nations, which was the reason for Ukraine’s inability to join. But there is constant indirect help from NATO for Kyiv.

Is there any connection between the withdrawal of the US Army from Afghanistan with this?

The chaotic withdrawal has brought out the inner turmoil of the US Administration, which may have played as the critical factor here in the context of the over-powering of the US in global politics.

What are the other European countries so silent this time?

The powerful European countries like Germany, France, and the UK are much dependent on Russia regarding their energy resources. Germany’s most economically powerful government, above 80% energy resources, is exported from Russia. These energy resources are used in formulating electricity and providing the need for power for the industries. This is the reason why the other European countries are so silent.

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