RT PCR Report Download PDF

RT PCR Report Check: Covid19cc.nic.in ICMR Covid Test Result

RT PCR Report Check Covid19cc.nic.in ICMR Covid Test Result– Every suspect of Covid 19 should get the RT PCR test done! Yes, this is for your safety and to ensure that you are not spreading the virus to your peers and family members. Once detected with the Covid 19 positive result, a person must stay in isolation until they come out to be negative. 

RT PCR Report Check

RT PCR test has become mandatory if you are joining back to your workplace, or may be, traveling outside the state, or in any case, out of the country. This SRF ID is a unique ID that gets generated, and you can enter it to fetch the reports on the covid19cc.nic.in. You may also check out the results on report.icmr.org.in.

The RT PCR test will help you get more accurate results than the swab test, and thus, you should always go for it when in doubt. Well, the RT PCR test is available online. You can ask the medical practitioners to collect your samples right from home, and you can even check your test reports online on covid19cc.nic.in.

While conducting the test, you will have to provide your mobile number; you may use it to fetch your reports. Download RT PCR Test Report PDF file from the official website, and you can take a printout of covid19cc nic in test report for your future reference.

RT PCR Report Download PDF
RT PCR Report

Covid19cc.nic.in RT-PCR Test Report Download 2022 

The Ministry of Health in India has begun the execution of covid19cc.nic.in portal wherein, the citizens of the country will easily be able to fetch the results of their RT PCR test. You can open this website from any of your preferred web browsers.

This initiative assured the easy availability of Covid 19 reports wherein you would not require to step out of your home to bring the results anymore. All you need is to keep your registered mobile number (the one you used while conducting the RT PCR test) and your SRF ID handy with yourself.

How To Check RT PCR Report Online by SRF ID @ report.icmr.org.in 

You must have your SRF ID available with you while taking the Covid 19 test. Here are the steps mentioned below to check your RT PCR report online @ report.icmr.org.in:

  • At first, visit the covid19cc.nic.in website.
  • Now, clock on the SRF download button.
  • From the drop-down, select Download RT PCR SRF PDF.
  • You will be asked to enter your SRF ID or your mobile number.
  • Make sure that you are entering the credentials appropriately.
  • You will have to type in a captcha.
  • A new web page will come up, and the RT PCR test report will be available right before you on the screen.
  • Keep a screenshot of it, or you may even keep the rt pcr pdf file download with you for future usage. 

Covid Test Report Download PDF 2022 on portal report.icmr.org.in 

Since lockdown and Covid 19 came into inception, staying in isolation and not getting out of the home due to several sorts of imposed restrictions have further assured that you can now fetch your RT PCR test results online. This initiative came into the limelight, which the government of India once created to help fellow citizens download the test result to be removed online. 

Steps to RT PCR Covid Test Report Download Online 2022 using Mobile Number 

  • First, go to the report.icmr.org.in official website.
  • Now, clock on Download RT PCR SRF PDF format.
  • You will be asked to enter your mobile phone number.
  • You shall now be receiving an OTP on the device.
  • Here, you will become eligible to view your Covid Test report right before you on the screen.


What are all details specified on the RT PCR report PDF 2022?

Details of the test, including the date of the test and the SRF ID, are all available on the RT PCR online report PDF file

Who began the Covid 19 test report download website?

The Ministry of Health and Family welfare began using RT PCR test reports online via the covid19cc.nic.in.

Which all websites are helpful to download the RT PCR test report?

Visit covid19cc.nic.in to download your RT PCR test report online. 

How will you schedule your Covid 19 test from your residence?

There are primarily three ways through which you can schedule your Covid 19 test online:
– Call the local laboratory, and they will send a medical office to take your sample from home at your preferred period
– An antigen test kit may help you to get an instant Covid 19 test report and that too from the comfort of your home.
– An Instant Test Kit can also help you in times of hurry!

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