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Rumer Willis Knows The Kind Of Kid She & BF Derek Richard Thomas Will Have: ‘100%’WillisRumer Willis Knows The Kind Of Kid She & BF Derek Richard Thomas Will Have: ‘100%’

Excited parents-to-be Rumer Willis and Derek Richard Thomas have huge plans for their unborn child, and fans are here for every detail!

The couple will be expecting their first born sometime this year, and Rumer seems to know exactly what the tot would look like, which she naturally shared with the world.

Rumer Willis reveals what kind of baby she’ll have in new Instagram video

The “DWTS” alum and her boyfriend of about a year are gearing up for parenthood as they give their Instagram fans a hint about what kind of child they’ll be having.

Rumer, the first daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, took to Instagram Stories about a reel showing a view of well-arranged wooden nurseries without flowering plants.

The clip was presented a text overlay that read: “I was just gardening and I noticed this…”

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The call led the person behind the camera to reveal the back of the nursery, showing a child lying in a sand-filled bed covered in dirt. The little one didn’t care about the camera person but was focused on playing with the soil while making funny noises.

Rumer was absolutely certain her unborn child would be like the filmed baby as she captioned her repost, “This will be 100% @dereckrichardthomas and my baby.”

Rumer Willis
Rumer Willis

Esince the mom-to-be informed fans of her pregnancy late last year, she’s made sure to keep fans updated on her well-being whenever she can, including her latest makeup-free display.

Like OSSTET reported that over the weekend she uploaded a picture of herself glowing beautifully sans makeup – thanks to her pregnancy – as she enjoyed a cuddle with her cat.

Rumer could be seen cozying up with the pet in bed and sporting a sweet smile. Her skin looked flawless, without blemishes, and her curls were tied into a neat high bun.

The actress talks about pregnancy and changing her habits

Not only has her pregnancy contributed to her eye-catching glow, but she’s also experienced a couple of positive habit changes, which she spoke openly about in an interview on the “Bathroom Chronicles” podcast.

“It’s made me upgrade so quickly,” she revealed. “Like things where I used to have that nature of being a people pleaser or not standing up for myself for little things that would then get under my skin.”

She continued, “I would literally say, maybe even a week after I got pregnant, all of a sudden, it was like, no, no, it’s not going to work for me anymore.”

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To that end, the “Hostage” actress had to realize the things she needed to do to “reorient” and “speak up” for herself.

She likened the realization to having a “new question and a new puzzle” suddenly downloaded but having a “different operating system.”

Later in the conversation, Rumer touched on her long-held desire to become a mother. She said:

“It’s like one of those weird things that I know sometimes people have this clarity about, like, ‘Oh, I want to be a musician, I want this,’ and it was never a question for me that I wanted to be a mom. ”

Such a feeling was like “a divine purpose” to her, which made her feel over the moon when she thought about it.

Rumer Willis is looking forward to giving birth

While discussing how being pregnant has had such a significant but useful impact on her life, Rumer admitted that her biggest desire right now is to bring her bundle of joy into the world safely.

She explained her anticipation of sharing special moments with the baby and her partner Thomas, saying “I can’t even…I can’t wait!”

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Fans will remember that the 34-year-old announced her pregnancy last December via a series of adorable photos showing off her baby bump.

The father of her unborn child, Thomas, was also included in the post as she lovingly kissed her swollen midsection.

Of course, the heartwarming news received many congratulatory messages from friends, family and fans who couldn’t wait to welcome the baby.

Rumer’s mom, Moore, wasn’t left out of the celebration as she posted the update, adding an overjoyed message that read: “Entering my hot, kinky, badass grandma era.”

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