Shakira Admits She’s ‘Much Hotter, Much Tougher’ Since Gerard Piqué Breakup!

Her latest song and collaboration with Karol G“TQG,” sending shockwaves through the music world.

Colombian natives empower themselves while belittling their ex-partners.

Shakira & Karol are empowered after breakup!

Shakira went through a breakup from her partner, Gerard Pique, almost 12 years over the summer after the cheating rumors. He left her for someone over 20 years younger.

Karol G broke off his engagement with Anuel AA in 2021. In April 2021, she made a statement to Instagram.

Singer Shakira and her boyfriend footballer Gerard Pique attend a press conference for Pies Descalzos and FC Barcelona to announce a grant to YMCA of Greater Miami at the University of Miami in Coral Gables, Florida. 01 Aug 2001 Pictured: Shakira; Gerard Pique. Photo credit: MEGA +1 888 505 6342 (Mega Agency TagID: MEGA636324_037.jpg) [Photo via Mega Agency]
“If it’s hard enough to accept it, imagine having to do it in front of millions of people,” Karol wrote in Spanish on his Instagram Story. “We tried to keep our relationship off social media for a long time to protect ourselves. We never used our relationship for marketing purposes, not today, not even almost three years ago when we started [dating].”

It seems their breakup was more amicable than Shakira and Piqué’s split, and the lyrics from “TQG” show it.

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Shakira got the “Triple M” treatment insert Gerard Piqué Split

This is the first collaboration between Shakira and Karol G.

They sing about not repeating the mistakes they made in their love lives, adding that they’ve grown stronger by getting over their time with a person who wasn’t right for them.

Karol G sings, “I don’t have time for something that doesn’t do anything for me. I changed my route. Make money like sports. Fills my account, the shows, the parking, the pass.”

Shakira adds, “You left and I got triple ‘m’: much hotter, much tougher, much lighter.”

Shakira and Karol G sing in the chorus, “Baby, what happened? Weren’t you in love?” among lines from both singers referring to their former partners’ desire to “get back together”.

“I don’t repeat mistakes”

Piqué quickly moved on from Shakira with his Kosmos employee, Clara Chia Marti (23).

In “TQG,” Shakira admits that “seeing you with the new girl hurt me,” but in the same breath she sings, “but I’m focusing now on me. I’ve forgotten what we lived together and that’s what’s hurt you. My life has even gotten better, I swear you’re no longer welcome. And what your girlfriend threw at me, it doesn’t annoy me or make me laugh.”

Shakira also referenced his new relationship in her “BZRP Music Sessions #53.”

She sang: “I’m worth two out of 22 [year old]. You traded a Ferrari for a Twingo. You traded a Rolex for a Casio. You go fast, slow down.”

Tops recently reported that Piqué and Marti were recently refused service at a restaurant in Barcelona because of the owner’s love and adoration for Shakira.

They were asked to leave by the owner, as he supports the singer.

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