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Shakira Gives Hellish & Scathing Review Of Gerard Piqué’s New GF

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

Shakira finally let the dirty laundry surrounding her ex-partner, Gerard Piqueand his new girlfriend, Clara Chia Martiair higher than the clouds in the sky.

Shakira opens up about the other woman

We reported yesterday that the Colombian singer would sit down with Mexican journalist Enrique Acevedo with the news station Canal de las Estrellas.

Before the interview, Acevedo wrote on Instagram, I’m happy to share with you that tomorrow on Canal de las Estrellas news we have a preview of our exclusive conversation with Shakira. We went to Barcelona to talk about her music and lyrics, the moment she’s going through in her career and what’s next in her life.”


The interview aired on February 27th and it did NOT disappoint.

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Piqué and Shakira broke up in June 2022 due to the retired footballer’s infidelity.

He quickly got into a relationship with his Kosmos employee, Marti (23), soon after they announced their split.

It is rumored that Marti was the woman he cheated on with Shakira, but has never been confirmed.

Shakira admitted she’s learned a LOT since breaking up with her partner of nearly 12 years.

Shakira: “There’s a place in hell” for women like Marti

Since the split, she’s realized she can be completely “self-sufficient” after “buying into the story that a woman needed a man to be complete. I’ve always been quite emotionally dependent on the men I’ve fallen in love with, and I think that I have been able to understand that story from a different perspective, and today I can handle myself.”

Shakira continued, “There’s a place in hell reserved for women who don’t support other women.”

You may recall that the “Hips Don’t Lie” singer found out Piqué was cheating (allegedly with Marti) on her from an opened jam jar.

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According to ShowNews today, the Colombian native had returned home from a trip with their children when she found a jar of strawberry jam in their fridge.

Shakira is focused on becoming a “lioness” for her children

Seems harmless if the whole family likes strawberry jam, BUT no one in Shakira’s home likes that kind of jam.

She knew right away that her children and Piqué don’t eat strawberry jam, and so her suspicions grew that someone had been living in their home while she was gone.

In addition, the jam was eaten.

Shakira alluded to the incriminating evidence in her music video for “Te Felicito” featuring Rauw Alejandro.

The song title translates to “I Congratulate You” in English. Shakira congratulates a male character for being a good actor in the song.

Despite deceit, mistrust and lies, Shakira told Acevedo that she has “come out stronger” after facing “life’s battles.”

“When a woman has to face the battles of life, she comes out stronger,” Shakira noted.

Shakira’s focus is solely on her two children, whom she shares with Piqué, and being a “lioness” to them.

“That strength comes from experiencing a painful loss, from accepting it, from tolerating a frustration, from understanding that life doesn’t always give us what we want,” she explained. “There are dreams that break, and you have to pick up the little pieces from the ground and put yourself back together and also set an example for my kids.”

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