UPI 123Pay App

UPI 123Pay App – RBI UPI Launched, Features & Benefits

RBI Launches UPI 123Pay App For Feature Phones:- The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has launched a unified payments interface (UPI) service for all the feature phone users across India. About 400 million people in the country are using feature phones instead of smartphones. This India’s homegrown payments network launched by RBI is named ‘UPI 123Pay App“. This RBI’s UPI app will allow feature phone users to make digital payments instantly without even using the Internet.

UPI 123Pay App

UPI 123Pay App Features

All over India, there is a total of 118 Crores of mobile phone consumers out of which only 74 crores are using smartphones. So, as per RBI’s statement, 123Pay UPI will promote more digital money transfers and reduce the cash dependency for this huge number of feature phone users. UPI123Pay App will have four different technologies to perform transactions for feature phones. The use of IVR numbers and apps on feature phones are two main features of the UPI123Pay App.

How To Make Payment Using UPI 123Pay App

RBI 123Pay UPI app will be explained to Indian feature phone users by the Reserve Bank Of India, in the near time. It’s important to understand that the UPI123Pay app will work in offline mode till the next update. Let’s explain to you how to use How To Make Payment Using UPI 123Pay App.

  • RBI’s Feature Phone UPI 123Pay app is available in most Indian languages.
  • Feature phone users are included in Server Side Common Library.
  • Internet is not required to use UPI 123Pay App.
  • It works in 3 simple steps, Call – choose – pay.
  • Important Step 1: First of all feature users who wants to use the 123Pay app will have to connect their bank account to their feature phone.
  • Important Step 2: TTo do digital financial transactions using feature phones, users will have to set their ‘UPI Pin” using their ‘Debit Card’.

Method 1: The first option to use this Christened UPI123Pay app is through Interactive Voice Response (IVR) numbers. In this method, users will have to dial a number (provided by NCPI) to initiate a secured call from their feature phone. Once the user will be registered, will be able to start financial transactions without internet connectivity.

Method 2: In the second method, users will have an App on their feature phones in which most of the UPI functions will be available. Apart from the scan and pay feature phone users will be able to do all kinds of UPI transactions through this 123Pay app.

Method 3: The third method to use this feature phone UPI is “proximity sound-based payments”. This feature works by using sound waves to enable networking technology.

Method 4: The fourth method to use the UPI123Pay app is the old and famous Indian way, “Missed Call Approach”. In this method, users will have to give a missed call to RBI’s given number and they will receive a callback from a standard number to authenticate and perform the transections.

UPI123Pay Launch Event 2022 Date Video

RBI’s event to launch a new payment system for feature phones was organized on March 9, 2022, with the National Payment Corporation of India. RBI Deputy Governor T Rabi Sankar was the person to launch this UPI for feature phones.

How To Download UPI123Pay App?

UPI123Pay app is an offline mode application to be used by 40 crore feature phone users without accessing the Internet. The Reserve Bank Of India recently announce this featured app and still have to be available to download. So, as soon as RBI will release the note about how to download the UPI123Pay app, we will explain this in this article.

We will also share UPI 123Pay download links with you in the next article.

DigiSaathi – 24*7 Helpline For Digital Payment Users

Now as RBI has launched the 123Pay app for the featured phone users of India, people will require more help and guidance in starting days. Keeping this thing in mind, RBI has also launched a new helpline service named “DigiSaathi”. DigiSaathi app will help you 24*7 for any help regarding digital payments. It has powerful artificial intelligence to provide information regarding RTGS, NEFT, UPI, IMPS, NACH, Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Prepaid Cards, PPI Wallets, ATM, POS, AEPS, QR, Mobile Banking, Bharat BillPay, Internet Banking, CTS, TReDS, NETC FASTag, and MTSS. You can get this help service from DigiSaathi any time by calling the Toll-Free helpline number or ‘Chat’.

DigiSaathi Toll-Free Helpline Number14431, 1800-891-3333
DigiSaathi Official Websitewww.digisaathi.info
OSSTET Home PageClick Here

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