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Vaccine Passport For All Countries, Links & Meaning

Vaccine Passport Download For All Countries, Links & Meaning– Recently, the United States of America’s Connecticut has announced the introduction of the Vaccine Passport. Earlier, you used to need just visas and your passport to travel abroad, but you will now need a vaccine passport to travel along with the earlier required documents.

The USA President has now declared the introduction of this digital pass in workspaces, the travel industry, and different universities. Ever since this thing came into the discussion, everyone seemed to be super curious to know how vaccine passport works and all about it in much more detail. To decipher all the details, you will have to read this article till the end.

Vaccine Passport Download

Before we dive deep into the use of vaccine passport 2022 latest news, let us first understand what a vaccine passport is! Well, since the world has been suffering from this Covid pandemic for the last two years, this vaccine passport is expected to be your golden ticket for your travel. If you are willing to work abroad, or in case you are planning to schedule your study in some other country.

This digital pass will serve as a green pass that will hold all the details related to your Covid history. A vaccine passport is nothing but just a document that will establish that you have already been vaccinated and are safe to travel outside your country. It is proof that you will have to carry it along with you at the time of your trip.

More specifically, if you are entering a mall, an office or a shopping complex, or a restaurant or a hotel, you might be asked to offer this Vaccine Passport to articulate that you are safe and have been vaccinated completely. Vaccine passport is available in both digital and physical formats, and both of them are considered equally valid.

Will India Launch a Vaccine Passport System?

As of now, no promise has been made! However, the government of India is yet to declare its thought on the same. Since more than 80% of the Indian population has been vaccinated with a double dose, it is currently at the 3rd phase of vaccination.

It is expected to receive a positive response regarding adopting Vaccine passports in our country. There has been a recent update on the Aarogya Setu official Twitter account; the users would download a digital pass of this vaccine passport from the CoWIN app or website.

Countries who have adopted the Vaccine Passport system

Different EU countries such as Bulgaria, Denmark, Czech, Greece, Croatia, and Poland have already started issuing this vaccine certificate. Sooner or later, all the other countries worldwide will start to adopt the same. Switzerland and Iceland have also started to issue vaccine passports to their fellow citizens.

How To Download Vaccine Passport 2022

Well, downloading the Vaccine passport is not a job that only the tech freak would be able to do! Even you can do it quickly, and here are the simple steps that you would need to follow:

  • At the very beginning, you will have to visit the official website of Cowin, link as, or you may even download the application from your Google play store on your phone. 
  • Next, you will be asked to register in the application. Sign in with the help of your phone number. The app will verify your identity by sending you a six digit OTP that will be acceptable for the next few minutes. 
  • Enter the OTP into the given field of your screen correctly to access the following web page. 
  • You may even try out the other alternative options, including the Umang app and the Aarogya Setu app. Once the OTP is entered, you will see that the next page will come up with the “Raise an issue” option featured right on the Account Details section. 
  • From the Dropdown menu that appears, you will receive three available options that include “Certificate Correction,” Merge Multiple-dose,” and “Add Passport Details.”
  • Go to the third option, “Add Passport Details,” wherein you will see another two options, “Select a member” and “Enter Beneficiary’s passport member,” in the Passport details section. 
  • Select a Member and then enter the beneficiary’s passport number correctly, as you won’t be able to change the ID number again. So re-check it again and again before submission. 
  • Tick on the check box that declares that you are the same passport holder and that the passport beneficiary details match the same. 
  • It will take a couple of minutes to process the same, and then you will receive a notification in your registered mobile number regarding its confirmation. 
  • Now, you need to visit the Account Details page and click on the Certificate button. 

It’s done, and you will now be able to download your new vaccine passport that will be linked to your travel passport.

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